Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walking with my mommy

I just want to start off with how awesome my mom is. It must be a very humbling position she is in right now. She is 57, and all her life has had a very close relationship to GOD. But has just now, in all her 20,805 days on this earth encountered the Holy Spirit. She comes to me with questions, her revelations, her ideas and overall, excitment for what is dwelling inside of her now. And I couldn't be happier to share in this with her!

Let's rewind a couple of decades just so we can fully grasp the significance of the situation. Mom grew up with RELIGION. Ya know, the rules, the threats, the emptiness....Never fully grasping God's love for us, but totally clenching His punishments to come if we did not OBEY!!! So she did...She faithfully prayed...Did right...Well, the best a person can...She married, and she HONORED and OBEYED in that marriage. She endured a lot, and received very little. She had me and my older sister and lived for us. Clearly not the correct order according to the big man up stairs. But she knew what she knew and she lived it out loud as best she could. Much of her unhappiness, emptiness, lonlieness was accepted and settled for. She yielded to a life that was the polar opposite of what GOD wanted for her. She surrendered.

Ironically, mom had all the actions down pat for how to serve as a faithful Christian woman. She loved, honored, served, obeyed, surrendered, but it was all for nothing because she wasn't living for GOD, she was living to avoid the punishiments of GOD. As if our Heavenly Father is one to spank us.... tisk tisk tisk! But the truth is, that is what religion does to people. SCARES us into submission.

I would hardly recommend to anyone to look to me for spiritual guidance...But it humbles me that she allows me to walk with her on this new journey she is on and trusts me enough to confide in me all she is experiencing. She is already so spiritually mature. She chases after GOD at a very intense speed. I get to watch as God works on her heart, her life and the new life that awaits her. She has always known GOD, but now she knows him intimately. And He has rewarded her with the prescence of the Holy Spirit.

It's never too late to be born again.

Praise God for all of His faithfulness. He never forgets one His children. He never gives up on them. Mom escaped the hold that religion had on her. God replaced that fear with confidence. The skepticism with optimism. The doubts with facts. The emptiness with fullness. The lonliness with companionship. The questions with answers and the jelly to her peanut butter!

James 2:17 reminds us that "Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

Mom is active!!!!!!!!