Monday, April 11, 2011

5 star weekend review *****

My weekend gets mixed reviews. On one hand I had some great quality time with the kids. We took full advantage of the weather and went to the park Saturday morning. My theory is kids are happier when outside of the confinements of their home. Especially on the weekends. My kids in particular are like caffeinated monkeys trapped in a cage.  I’d rather them exert their energy outside, then inside of our home. Kylee spent the night with her friend on Friday night, so Logan, myself and a friend went to the Dallas Baptist baseball game. Logan was so well behaved and the weather was perfect. On Saturday afternoon I took the kids to my step-sister’s wedding shower which is where I am convinced my allergies were conceived with a vengeance. I have never been one of those allergy stricken folk with burning eyes or itching throat. But apparently, the air in Mesquite is different than the air in Crowley because I have been battling the ghetto pollen ever since we left the red-neck BBQ  a.k.a Wedding Shower.
Being a mom is tough on any day ending with a Y, but particularly difficult when your energy level is in the red zone and your patience level is non-existent.  But I think we pulled it off with minimal damage to me or the kids. Luckily, Kylee LOVES to play doctor and Logan is blissfully ignorant to my mood swings.
Allow me to jump over to the “Red Neck BBQ/Wedding shower” topic. Usually, when talking about my step family, I choose to leave out the title of “Step” because I truly think of them all as my family. No “step” is needed. We have formed a bond that I never thought we would have. My brothers are amazing husbands and fathers, and my sister has a passion and love for people that makes me jealous. I wish I had a heart like hers. She is getting married to someone who I could have picked out of a lineup of unworthy men who will not even attempt to be the provider, spiritual leader, partner, friend or husband that she deserves. I don’t want to be so cynical and admit that I am convinced some girls just have to go through a divorce before they will believe that God has someone of value and worth for them….But much like a baby who falls off the couch….They have to learn that they can’t sit on the edge, backwards and be safe from falling… (Seems like mom’s only have baby and children analogies…. My apologies) my sister is young and in love. A combination for disaster if you ask me or even look at my own past. I so desperately want to be happy for her. So I put on the best face I can and pray for the best. I pray for an intervention on my soon to be brother in law’s heart. That God will intervene on my sister’s behalf and give him a clear vision of what a husband is called to be to his wife…. And that they won’t have to embark on the divorce journey just to realize it. On a sidebar, I called it the “Red Neck BBQ/Wedding shower” because, well, it had all the proper ingredients. “TEXAS” tattoos on forearms, ankle tattoos of men’s names accompanied by a cute little heart, true Texan accents, a trampoline with missing springs that left the kids with black stains on every part that came in contact with the tramp….Much like a dirty mechanic had just bounced on it for hours leaving his filthy residue all over the fun filled contraption.. … There were a couple of random strangers, who seem to have a starring disability, creating much awkwardness for all involved….. I had fun nonetheless. I got to play volleyball which is always a treat for me. Of course I took it too seriously considering my teammates and environment in general…. But that is something I always struggle with…Playing for “fun” makes no sense to me. Let’s go!
We got to the red neck extravaganza a little early, and ultimately ended up staying for quite a long time. Again, it was a fun time regardless. But as the 5th hour crept up on us, I was ready to get my dirty little munchkins home, bathed and in bed. Myself included. I found my grumpy self begin to rear its ugly head (that’s right, I get grumpy sometimes….) I was partially tired of being hot, tired of chasing the kids down, tired of the bee that kept following and taunting me, tired of thinking about the long drive home and in general, just tired. I full heartedly believe that moms don’t need any excuse to just be tired. Being a mom is excuse enough.  Well I had rounded up the kids and we were about to begin our long journey home when the cake got brought out. For some reason, being at any event for 4 hours or more isn’t sufficient. You have to see the cake being cut…At a wedding, a birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower or anything else. As if your attendance is considered void unless you view the cutting of the cake… How the cake becomes more significant than your actual presence still baffles me. Anywho, Kylee saw the cake and obviously it was unspeakable to leave without allowing her a piece. Domino effect….Logan now needs some too. At this point, even the wind was irritating me. I sat Kylee down with her ginarmous piece of cake in a chair big enough to sit Logan in as well… I sat back and watched my very grown up little girl feed her brother the FIRST bite…. If you know Kylee, this is a big feat. As Kylee loves cake as much as I do. But I watched as her love for anything sugar filled took second place to her love for her brother. The brother, who constantly hits, bites and pinches her. She still loves him so much. Continually forgiveness and grace. All the grumpiness left me as I got to witness this sibling love flourish right before my eyes.
We finally got out of hillbilly town and headed home. I got to sneak in a good conversation with my sister on the way back as the kids entertained one another. We got home and I washed the day off of the kids, layed Logan down and snuggled with Kylee, I had a moment of total peace….It could have been the allergy medicine I took to cure my awful congestion headache….But I choose to believe it was God reminding me how blessed I am. Because even in the midst of tiresome, He still shows me His love. And I am never too tired to receive that.
So with the consideration of the allergy attack, the entertainment from the hillbillies, the Kylee/Logan cake moment and extra snuggle time with Kylee, I have to give this weekend a 5 star review. Because without the bad, I couldn’t fully appreciate all the good.