Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Chocolate Milk Meltdown

My nerves have finally settled down to their proper place in my body.... allowing me to write about our melodramatic morning which was a result of an impatient little blue eyed, blond haired 4 year old….A little 4 year old who may never again savor the sweet taste of chocolate milk as long as she lives .I’m not sure I will ever understand the mechanics of a child’s brain. I invite you to come into the remembrance of my morning….
It begins with sweet hugs and kisses and simple chatter about nothing at all. Awe, aren’t they sweet when they are asleep, unconscious? I still have quite a bit of work to do on my blemish filled face, bird nest style hair, therefore I suggest to Kylee that I put her movie on while I begin getting ready for the day. She eagerly accepts as I carry her to the living room put her movie on, and she makes the first request of the day, chocolate milk…. Now if you are wondering, is this really going to be about chocolate milk? Yes… YES IT IS!!! On go, I tell her to please hold on and before I could get the last sound of the word ‘on’ out of my mouth, she shrieks, “Ugh I want chocolate milk!!!” As if the chocolate milk is a necessity to her next breath she takes. Like a diabetic needs their insulin, or someone with asthma needs their inhaler… I wasn’t asking her to wait until after school, or suggesting another beverage…I was simply requesting a spare minute to finish putting HER movie on. Why am I even trying to justify this to my blog? If I needed 15 minutes or an hour, I’m the mom, I’m the boss, and I’m in charge here!!! KYLEE!!!! This might come to as a shock to you all, as it especially did to Kylee, but I cannot put a DVD in and pour chocolate milk at the same time. Unless we start keeping the milk in the entertainment center. This completely spiraled out of control all morning. Continuous reminders to her that screaming like psycho will not work…She continued to bawl and sob for her chocolate milk….Same result. Then Kylee made a pathetic attempt to establish dominance in this situation by refusing to walk to the car. As if she had the option to stand on the doorstep until I succumbed to her need for chocolate milk. Much to her surprise, I don’t just wear a belt to hold my pants up. Needless to say, in due course she walked to the car, without chocolate milk. The car ride was as much fun as a trip to the gynecologist, however if I had the choice, where do I undress?  
Anyone that knows me, knows that I love these children from their biggest accomplishments to their ugliest flaws. I accept that Kylee isn’t ever going to be that child with few to no demands. She will always have an idea of how she expects things to happen, and will easily be derailed off of the happy train if everything doesn’t fall perfectly in place. She will always have small threshold for pain, and the smallest scratch will warrant a severe meltdown. I am convinced she will never eat a green bean as long as she lives. I will never persuade her that orange and pink do not match. She came into this world pushing boundaries and I think it is embedded in her blood to do so.
I will always push back in love. It is why moms are so strong…Because we push. Lord, give me the strength to never STOP pushing.
There are many happy moments about this single parenting gig and I promise to blog more about that soon. This was just so fresh I had to put it out there. So go ahead all you nay-sayers and judge me. I will put some happy-go-lucky stuff up soon! Thanks for reading!