Thursday, April 21, 2011

GREAT Friday!

I don’t want to overload my many, many readers (LOL) with an obnoxious blog of how awesome my weekend is going to be. So I will be brief, and water this down as best I can. I am off tomorrow. YAY!!! Thank you Jesus!! Literally, GOOD FRIDAY!
Logan’s schedule will not be interrupted. He will go to daycare as usual, but Kylee and I have a total prissy, girly day planned. With the loose ends of my sister’s wedding to tie, Kylee and I have a day planned to get shoes, Easter dresses, and mani and pedis and lunch of course!!! Tomorrow night is the rehearsal dinner. Kylee gets to practice being a flower girl, I get to practice walking down the aisle outside in heals…Yeah…that always goes well… Tomorrow will consist of hair and makeup, a few vows, dinner and dancing. Logan will be with his daddy so it is totally a girl weekend. Long overdue.
I can’t wait and I am happy to report that Kylee is pretty stoked as well.
And in closing, this weekend means more to me than any other weekend of the year. A weekend for our Lord and Savior, whether you have received Him or not, that is what He. Jesus was crucified for our sins… Died for them, washed them away with His holy blood….The grave could not hold him so He is alive today, for us… There are not enough words to describe my deep love for Him. There needs to be a word invented to replace LOVE…It just isn’t strong enough. Thank you Jesus!