Friday, April 1, 2011

A peach tree won't produce apples!!!

I know I know! It's disappointing isn't it? That you plant a peach tree expecting apples, then out of the clear blue, what you planted produces exactly what you put in the ground. How dare nature be so consistent?! RIGHT?! Why do we condition ourselves to do one thing, expecting the opposite in results? It is more than frustrating when someone we love so much creates their own chaos in an already chaotic and sinful world. I'm not quite ready to publish that can of worms.... SO......On a more upbeat note, it is more than rewarding to see those we love lavish in the rewards of the Lord for their harvest. And that is exactly what I want to blog about today. My best friend, sister in Christ, accountability partner, inspiration, girlfriend in God and everything else that translates into awesome woman!!!

Tammy is the perfect example of a faithful woman. She plants exactly what she wants to harvest. She waters her crop, she tends to her crop, she waits on her crop. There are droughts from time to time. Sure! I mean, we can't control the weather! But it's how she handles those droughts that leave my jaw on the ground in awe. A lot of her acts of obedience and faith are coming to fruition. It is a true blessing to be in the audience of her life. She is experiencing God's favor. Not favor by the world's standards, but by the Lord's presence daily. No matter what season is ahead, I have confidence that she will continue to walk blindly in faith and produce good crop along the way. Way to Go Tam! I love you and I am very proud of you!!!