Friday, April 15, 2011


Sometimes, I think to myself how in the world did I do this ‘mommy’ thing before the divorce and before non-custodial was in my vocabulary. I mean, by 5:32pm yesterday, I was ready and oh so willing to hand my children off to the lowest bidder. It started when I picked them up…. Apparently Logan was having way too good of a time on the rocking horse thing-a-ma-bob …. Kylee on the other hand was in pretty rare form… Yes maam this and Of course mommy that. Just easy-squeezy! My children seem to have a tag team schedule in place where one child is blissfully happy while the other one is in complete turmoil over….Well that is unknown….It is a mystery similar to Roswell… Or who shot Kennedy… Like we kinda think we know, but we don’t really ever know… That kind of unidentified mood swing mystery hangs over my shoulders on a daily basis. The 10 minute drive home, Logan serenaded us with his shrieks and wails of discontentment and anger that I made him get off of that damn horse thing. He insists on walking up the stairs all by his big boy self….Adding, ahhh, maybe another 7-10 minutes before actually getting inside….. When we finally make it inside, here is the soundtrack to my every day after school album:
                                Mommy can I have a show? I want Olivia…NO; I want Max and Ruby…
                                Can I have strawberry milk in a Sippy cup so I can drink it in the living room?
                                Do I have to put my shoes in my closet or can I just leave them here?
                                OUCH, Logan just pinched me and scratched my face!
                                Ugh, Logan! That’s mine, stop stealing and share with me!
                                Mommy, Logan needs to go to timeout!
                                I’m not hungry; I just want a snack please.
This is all before I put my purse down and shoes off….. Yesterday it seemed to be on repeat and Logan was completely inconsolable. He was evidently holding a grudge against me. So it is approximately 5:35ish…. The Ex was due to pick them up by 6pm. Kylee, in typical Kylee fashion went from sweet to spicy in .5 seconds and had an attitude about, well that too is unknown. Maybe she just wanted to be like Logan, maybe she knew I had to be somewhere later and her attitude would delay me in getting ready. I honestly don’t know what makes her shift gears so quickly but it is always so abrupt and bewildering to me.
I just could not wait to have the screaming stop, the whining stop, the demands stop, the attitudes stop, the hitting stop and the tantrums to stop. Again, I’m not sure how I did it before the NC schedule. (Non-Custodial)  Because quite frankly, I NEED the break. The guilt free, well deserved, needed, anticipated, and free break. Not a babysitter type break. The break that is not only court ordered, but desired by the Ex. I know he loves being with them and enjoys the time; I know the kids adore him so they are excited as well… It is win-win for everyone involved! Or so I like to think it is.
When the kids left, I had just enough time to re-curl my hair, apply a little makeup, re-perfume and re-deodorize myself before my ride was there to pick me up. Not a hot date…Far from it actually. My friend’s grandfather passed away and we were going to the wake.
It is the Ex’s weekend with the kiddos…. I hope they are in better spirits when I pick them up today. If not, the horse thing is coming with me!!!  I get to have dinner with one of my best friends tonight, a date with Comet, Windex and a couple of tubs and toilets tomorrow….A lot of recorded trash TV to catch up on…. Laundry to, blah! And I couldn’t be more content with that.
I hope my 4 readers have a great weekend planned! Thanks for reading.  I hope it’s not too presumptuous of me to think anyone really cares what my plans are for the weekend. But I would like to think you do. :)