Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Why hello there strangers! It’s me again. Sorry it has been a while since my last entry. I must say I am ooober excited about all the requests for a new blog… This leads me to think people read this!!! WIN!
Summer has officially started and it is flippin hot outside. If you happen to be reading this from one of those states where the record high for summer days is like 88°, may I just take this opportunity to politely ask you to bite me… In a sweet, gentle sort of way. The AC in the car I am driving doesn’t work and usually by the time I pick the kids up and get home, it looks like I sat on a sprinkler head in a not so fun sort of way. Nothing hotter (literally) then butt sweat britches. If any car gets in my path and forces me to slow down, therefore reducing my wind intake, I immediately transform into this monstrous, seething almost menopausalistic woman trapped in an incubator! It’s never a pretty picture and I am sure I frighten the children. Most of the time I smell like a jock strap that has been sitting in a dumpster. Ahhh I am sweating just thinking about my drive home later.
Aside from the blistering Texas heat, I enjoy the Summer time. If we aren’t in the pool, we are at a water park or something that consists of getting wet and staying cool. It has been a month since I last blogged and a lot of fun stuff has happened. On one of my NC (non-custodial) weekends a group of us went to Wolf Dance which is basically a bunch of Texas country bands playing outside. It was hot as a biscuit! Everyone was complaining about the heat, but for me, it felt like the normal drive home. I have adapted to the core body temperature being over 120° and I don’t know if that is even medically correct… that is what my skin feels like though. But with the friends and drinks, we all had a good ole sweaty time listening to some great music.
At Wolf Dance 2011
I also took the kiddos to this amazing kid friendly water park. It was sensory overload the second we walked in. The main kid area was incredibly over stimulating, but in a good way. There was never a lack of something to do in this gymnasium of water fun. Of course my fear was that there was some creeper lurking behind the next water slide waiting to snatch Kylee up. Paranoia, I know. All throughout this tower of danger were water spouts or water guns I guess. Anyhow, kids can aim these weapons at anything or anyone. That’s genius if you ask me.  NOT! But I assume it is all part of the “fun.” So of course there are lifeguards monitoring them to insure no one such as MYSELF gets sprayed directly in the cornea causing instant blindness correct? WRONG! I was holding Logan on my hip and escorting Kylee to one of the slides when I was targeted and attacked then shot in the eye with this water AK47 and I could not get away from it. I moved and it followed me. What is the matter with these kids and where are their mothers?! I finally escaped the kill shot and confronted the little punks who targeted me as their victim. They found this to be hilarious so I did the most mature thing I could think of and I tattled on them to the lifeguard! NANANA BOO BOO! Take that jerks! We ended the trip in the lazy river where both of my kids took a nap on me in the raft. It was sweet, and I loved it!
All smiles at the waterpark
The next day after church we went to a family BBQ/baby shower and enjoyed more sun filled fun. The NO NAP days scare me. When I know there will be no time in our schedule for a nap, I tend to have mini anxiety attacks for the potential tantrums that are positively on the horizon. I will overcompensate with tons of fruit snacks and treats. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my kids did without their naps. We had an amazing weekend together.

Me and Kylee at the BBQ
Logan Chill-axin at the BBQ
Kylee flew out to Disney this morning with her daddy. They will be gone for 5 days and fly back on the 6th day. This morning when we woke up without Kylee there, Logan was calling her name and looking for her in the closets, bathrooms, everywhere. I feel bad that he just doesn’t get it.  I can feel the reverse homesick feeling building up in the pit of my stomach already. I know she will have so much fun and probably be all “mommy who?” but I still get nervous that she will be that far away from me. Deep breaths… Deep breaths… Repeat.
My latest fun report took place in Austin. A girlfriend and I drove down for the weekend. We shopped, got manicures and pedicures, laid by the pool, went to dinner and out on the town. I imagine that is what Mardi Gras would be like. We made our bucket lists while we were there and I realized I have lots of stuff I wanna do now that my life is re-starting. I am excited about this list too!! It gives me a sense of hope for my future. My friendship got stronger as well which is amazing. We make each other laugh nonstop; we are always honest with each other no matter what. I think we all need this kind of friend. The kind who will say, NO, that does not flatter your saddlebags and you look like a hippo, take it off!! Instead of WOW, you are so gorgeous, that looks amazing on you, etc. I am so thankful for my friendship with her. I love you Summer!
Austin 2011 (Summer - left Me -right)
Well, that about wraps it up. My birthday is Sunday AND Father’s day. No plans yet. Will report back soon.
Again, sorry for the hiatus, thanks for reading!