Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boiler Room

OK, so I have plenty of pet peeves, as I’m sure we all do. I was not born a naturally patient person. It is a skill that I have to actively practice each day. It is NOT like riding a bike where if you don’t do it for a year it all comes back to you. NO. Patience for me has to be done each day or it will take me a month to get back in the saddle, so to speak. Recently, in the midst of an adult size tantrum, I realized I need to practice my patience more.
My boss and his wife had to go to Phoenix this week for a competition their son is in. My boss and I work very well together. We think alike, we make the same choices, we respect one another. His wife works with us too, helping with phones, our paperwork, and other stuff like that. She and I are pretty close so it really is like THE perfect work environment. Because our business is customer driven, it makes taking time off not impossible, but stressful.
If you ever saw that movie The Boiler Room with Vin Diesel, that is the environment we work in every day minus the hot guys. Constant phone calls, constant rate negotiations, commission based pay, customer routed business. So to bring anyone one in, even just to help answer phones requires some training, and the X factor.
So my boss recruited a friend of his to come and train with us, in efforts to HELP me while they were gone. Well, let’s just say not all good intentions have a good outcome.
So Renea (my boss’s wifey) left Sunday for Arizona and Shawn (my boss) flew out last night. Here we go. The gentlemen he contracted to work with me the rest of the week is an older guy, slow paced, sit on the front porch sipping tea and doing crossword puzzle type of pace. The kind of gentle you only find in people born in the 1940’s I guess. Of course he isn’t current or acclimated with anything electronic such as a computer. Words like icon, excel, double-click sound a lot like 당신 미쳤 운전 does to me.
He comes from a generation where you WORK and EARN your keep. So his intentions are well assigned. He offers to help in any way he can, over extends himself to do more, refuses to go home early. His worth ethic is correct, no doubt! Unfortunately, there is nothing he could do that would be helpful to me. It would hinder what I have to get accomplished. Yet, he never stops offering. It is quickly starting to annoy me. Much like when a toddler asks to help you with a task you know will just be easier and faster if you do it. So you cleverly give them a not-so-vital task to complete, they get bored and are back at your feet asking to do more… yeah, that is what I am contending with.
 Each time he answers the phone, he has a question. I move at a quicker pace than most, so to slow down is excruciating for me. This is why Shawn and I work so well together because we have the same stamina and pace in the office. Repeating myself is #1 on my pet peeve list. Those of you who know me, my #1 pet peeve changes almost weekly. But this week, having to repeat myself is at the top of the charts! I am having to slow my natural pace down from notch 110 to a 6. It physically pains me. I feel my brain starting to twitter and my blood pressure rising.
My great friend Tammy is floating all over the place on cloud nine. She just got engaged and is out frolicking the town today with her fiance, looking at apartments, picking out furniture, taking engagement photos, NOT having to repeat herself. I get an email from her earlier and she closed with this:
P.S. Show old guy in the office some love today. :)

Tammy reminded me that extending grace is important in our daily lives. When we are given grace, forgiveness, mercy, etc it almost feels deserved or earned. But when we find ourselves in a situation where we are the givers and not receivers of grace, it proves to be quite difficult. This post was really just an outlet for me to vent and rant about my crappy two days of work hell in front of me. Thanks Tammy for bringing me back to earth and reminding me of something I had fotgotten in the midst of repeating myself, over, and over, and over. And thanks to those of you reading!

Next week I will tell you how Kylee thinks peeing on the carpet is funny… And how patient I was with that! (insert sarcasm)