Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Tea Party

Kylee turned FIVE this past weekend. I always tease her and beg her not to get older. She reassures me that she will always be my baby. But alas, she is now five and continues to grow. Deep breaths…
Her princess party was a hit. She just loved being the center of attention. Big surprise there!  It warmed my heart how thankful she was for her party. She kept randomly coming up to me saying Thank You for my party mama. Even days after the party, she is still thanking me for it.
She got a for real tea set at her princess party. It’s legit. Made from real breakable glass, itsy bitsy little plates, cups, tea pots, etc. She has been chopping at the bit to have a tea party with me. So last night, after I tucked Logan into bed, she and I had our tea party in the living room. It was a very special moment for both of us. We had small talk, she filled my cup with tea, we snacked on crumpets…Ok so it was lucky charms and juice. But it was special. I watched Kylee’s eyes focus on her little pot as she carefully refilled our cups over and over.  She said to me, “mommy, you’re the best mommy and I always want to have tea parties with you.” My thoughts exactly Kylee.
It reminded me when I was younger and I thought I wanted to be a teacher every day. Life changes our dreams, our goals, our happiness and our imagination. As Kylee continues to get older, she might not always want to have actual tea parties with me. But it is my hope that whatever her happiness becomes  as she gets older, that she will always want me as a guest at her tea party.
I remember when I gave birth to her and held her for the first time. It was as if her body was a personalized puzzle piece that fit mine exactly. Her body cradled perfectly in my nook and I got lost in love just staring at her. It was hard then to picture the day she would walk, talk and become who she is today. For her first year of life she depended on me for food, now she runs to the pantry for a fruit snack. She is so independent. She is a nonstop chatter box with a lot to say and plenty on her mind. She is a spirited ball of energy with no desire to slow down. She knows what she is thinking and she needs to be heard and understood. She is a leader, a friend, a sister, a daughter and a cousin. She is the first born sibling and cousin on both sides so naturally she has the IM THE BOSS syndrome. She has a passion for justice and will stand up for herself if she feels wronged. She is a perfectionist, determined, passionate, protective, thoughtful and sassy.
Even though she doesn’t fit as perfectly snug in my arms as once did, she fits in my arms in a new way. She challenges me and pushes me to be a better woman and mother. She makes me who I am. She keeps me encouraged. Because of her I grow and learn more every day. I am better, because of her.
Because of her, I am me. Thank you Kylee and Happy Birthday! I love you!
    NOT five years old

    Five years old