Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Treat???

Some women wait all year for this day. For their time to shine, stand out, be seen, all eyes on her, all the preparation comes down to this one day. Their wedding day.  Halloween.  It’s their once a year opportunity to be a (insert adjective) and not be judged for it.  It puts a whole new meaning on words TRICK or TREAT. Trick actually means trick and treat no longer refers to mini snickers and Twix.
Dude and I were invited to a costume party and the theme is Movie/TV. Tons of ideas poured in when I took a poll on Facebook. So I began to Google some of the suggestions. I found myself quickly exiting out of my screen in fear that my boss would think I was looking up porn!  I was quickly discouraged that all the PG-13 costumes had been sold discontinued.
Why do women even claim to be dressing up as anything else other than a prostitute off of Harry Hines Blvd? Clearly their goal is to wear as little as possible, show as much as possible and somehow get the message across that they received the memo that it was a COSTUME party, not a sex party!
Now I ask you fellow bloggers to help me decide which “costume” to wear that won’t give my mother a heart attack or shame my role as a youth leader in church. I’m thinking the “sexy” Mr. Potato Head… I’m not kidding. The polls are open, your vote counts!
Disclaimer: (kidding, I would never wear any of the following costumes)

Boobs sold seperately