Friday, October 14, 2011

WARNING! This blog contains emotion. Reader’s discretion is advised....

I should have been more careful when picking my ex-husband.  I should have seen the signs and warnings when we first began dating. I chalked it up to his age and assumed at some point he would outgrow his primitive nature and evolve into an adult. That was 2002.
The after math of this marriage is exhausting, daunting, frustrating, irritating, upsetting, disappointing and all in all, sucky! Our children are now considered tools of leverage and he uses them as such. Their feelings and emotions no longer play a part of his decision making process. (Assuming there is a process) He drags our daughter to the gym to train for something he was always less than mediocre in and calls it “spending time with her.” He purposely interferes with plans, he stirs things up for entertainment purposes, and he ignores suggestions directly related to their health, and overall makes his daily goal to inconvenience me at any cost.
After ignoring mine and the pediatrician’s recommendations to not allow our FIVE year old to wear mascara, I was shocked to see she had it on again. (I wasn’t really shocked, it was totally predictable)  My child said his girlfriend did it because she said it isn’t bad for her eyes. Of course the NINETEEN 18 year old girlfriend would know what is and isn’t healthy for a 5 year old, correct? Of course!!!! (Sarcasm) At this point, since this child (I am speaking of the new girlfriend, not Kylee) is insisting on decorating my child’s face with the best of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s makeup line, I decided to message both the children (The X Man and Hannah Montana) Here is what I wrote to her:
             Hi. I am Kylee and Logan’s mom. Last week, I asked **** not allow Kylee to wear mascara anymore. She got pink eye not too long ago and the doctor highly suggested no more mascara. She had it on again this morning. Just in case **** forgot to tell you, please do not put that on her anymore. I appreciate it.

Her response: Nothing. She blocked me.

What I sent to the X Man:

Xxxx, as I requested last week please do not allow Kylee to wear mascara. I saw that she had it on this morning when I checked them in. That request is not to fight with you or be petty but it is due largely in part of the recommendation of her pediatrician to help her prevent getting pink eye again. I also sent a request to XXXXX as well, thanks for your help in this matter.
His response:

                just want you to know that i think its pathetic you feel the NEED to email and interfere in my relationships. get a life
There is a breakdown in communication, obviously. My email was in reference to our child; his response was in reference to his relationship. Enter my frustration.
I have deduced that The X Man has reached his true potential. His call center employment, his side gigs at the strip club, his pedophile – ish relationships, his skewed vision of parenting, his non-existent maturity and his complete lack of respect for others. I’ve heard stories similar to mine where 5 years later things are repaired, it gets better. I have put that microscopic piece of hope on the shelf for now. I have lowered my expectations and have put nothing past him.
He did not show up to our court date earlier this week. So when the consequences occur for that choice, I am certain he will somehow find me at fault.
He plants his own seeds of anger and bitterness. He waters his selfish pride. His harvest will come.
Thank you for letting me vent and release my frustrations here. It was either here or Facebook. I decided to take the high road and blog.
Have a great weekend everyone and watch out for potential ex husbands! They’re everywhere!