Monday, November 7, 2011

What a great weekend looks like

This weekend was AH-mazing! Filled will everything a weekend should be filled with. Fun, friends, laughter, picnics and memories…
One of my girlfriends shipped her husband off to the Texas Motor Speedway for the races so it was just us gals and our kiddos. We concocted a plan to take kids on a train ride and have a picnic. She and I are both super organized. We’re the kind of moms who always have extra, everything; the type of mom who could build a small race car out of the contents in our diaper bags and clean it with berry scented hand sanitizer. We think of everything ahead of time, and plan for every possible scenario. However we did not plan for or anticipate the car seat drama that would come from trying to carpool together. Third row seating should be sufficient when transporting multiple kids, but each kid wants to sit THERE and not HERE. In efforts to please each kid with an opinion we tried to fit 2 car seats and 1 booster in the middle row. But the superfluous arm rests on each car seat made it logistically impossible. We tried to force it, but it somehow ended with me cutting my thumb and silently saying screw it. We moved the booster to the 3rd row and asked for volunteers… HA! It was like a bad episode of I Love Lucy, or watching monkeys try to screw in light bulbs to a wall socket. Total confusion turned to frustration which lead to blood, sweat and tears. Literally. Strapping those kids in a car was like preparing for a NASA launch to the moon. But once we got everyone safely secured, we were off and already wishing one of us had remembered to bring a flask of wine. We decided to stop at the gas station for wine a couple waters and red bulls and in unison like a symphony the kids were begging to go in. GAH!
What would a car ride full of talking kids be without games?? Unfortunately my spunky and creative offspring was the chairman of the games. She created and made up the rules for all the games. It was one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t kind of games. She would make up the most random rules, and when it was our turn, we would do and say and breathe exactly like she demanded and yet we still weren’t following the rules! So we suggested the quiet game.
We finally arrive to the miniature train station, unbuckle the herd and they popped out of the car like little jack in the boxes. We immediately turn on our mama soundtrack to track#1, STOP, DON’T CROSS THE STREET. Track#2, WAIT!  Track#3, I SAID WAIT!!! Then of course the kiddos have to pee, so we let them take turns peeing on and behind the porta-potty. Because peeing IN them is only for #2’s. We get our stuff and hear ALL ABOARD and we were off! The kid’s enjoyed the ride, and so did we. I think we found joy in the fact that the kids were forced to sit still in one place for an extended period of time. It was a miniature train ride for them and miniature break for us. Something I like to call strategy and WIN-WIN!
After the ride, we loaded up and headed to a duck pond for our picnic. The kids ran rapid, fed the ducks, fed themselves and enjoyed the weather. My friend and I actually got to talk about grown up stuff while the kids entertained themselves. When one of the kids told us they had to poop, that was our cue to pack it up and head home.
My friend and her son headed home for a little while.  We had a short intermission and she returned later that evening with Mexican food and another friend. We planned a mini-play date for the kids, but in all honesty it was just as much a play date for us girls as well. We let the kids dump out the toy chest and in return they allowed us to have a semi-un-interrupted conversation. It was lovely. I laughed so hard I felt my abs pulsing. It was a great Saturday night!
The time change never really affects me in a positive or negative way. I never legitimately feel as though I have gained or lost any time.  Realistically you don’t…. I know that is debatable but in my head, you don’t.
Sunday mornings in my house looks a lot the New York Stock Exchange when the DOW is down. (whatever that means) Lost shoes, mismatched outfits, lost bible, spilled cereal, gum in hair, screaming and total chaos. Ironic how chaotic Sunday’s can be when I prepare for it the night before. I lay out clothes, sit shoes by the door, get breakfast ready, yet somehow it all goes to haywire. But yesterday, we woke up and I had time to make breakfast before church… NOT lucky charms. But eggs, biscuits and bacon. A real breakfast. Not to mention we had time to get dressed with no fighting or wardrobe changes (Kylee), everyone knew where their shoes were, and we arrived to church and had only forgotten one thing. Another win! So maybe the time change does work.

 This weekend rocked! So thankful for the chance to make amazing memories with my wonderful kids and super duper friends!