Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bully Beat Down

From adolescents to adults, there are multiple transitions to be made. We learn as we go and develop new techniques to maneuver through life. We eventually learn (some later than sooner) that kicking, screaming and pouting don’t produce the results we were hoping for. Some never learn.  We begin to attack from new angles. As we mature, we find new ways to handle confrontations, address uncomfortable situations and how confront to others in a way that doesn’t t require removing shoes and ear rings and getting all Jerry Springerish.
Whilst I don’t typically find myself in that dramatic of a situation, I do find myself currently in a I’ll cut you type of dilemma concerning Kylee. I can totally relate to those mama lions, bears, elephants or tigers on National Geographic because I am ready to pounce on someone.
The past couple of weeks Kylee has been coming home with horror stories about a fellow classmate. Let me preface that I am fully aware that she is 5,that she can be dramatic herself and tends to exaggerate the truth sometimes. But I find it difficult to believe that Kylee has something new and appalling to tell me EVERY day about the same kid if there weren’t some truth behind it. If only 5% of what she tells me were  true, that is enough for me to want to secretly trip this kid in the hall and drop a poison ivy leaf in his cubby.
The thing about daycares, preschools, private schools or public schools is that the circle of moms, we talk! And you’re either in with the talkers, or you’re being talked about. I know that sounds very high school and very Mean Girls-like. It’s the truth. And if you aren’t in with the talkers, it’s because your kid is either the booger kid, the germy kid, the dirty kid, the annoying kid, or the bully kid… There is also the possibility that you yourself are extremely anti-social and choose not to say good morning in the hall or at the sign in desk  and/or are blissfully unaware that your kid IS the germy, annoying bully kid. There’s a small 2% chance that you aren’t in with the talkers because your amazing husband gets up extra early to allow you to sleep in a tad longer while he takes your tykes to school. In which case, you probably have your own circle of friends with your own circle of problems… None of which I can think of right now, but I hear we all have em. Oh, and bite me!
Needless to say, the mother of the hoodlum who is targeting Kylee is not in the circle of talkers that I know of. I’m beginning to understand why. Her son is always on red…. I guess you need to know what each color indicates. Here is a table of reference.
Blue – best color achievable. This means your child went above and beyond to be helpful and had a great attitude all day. Basically your child brown nosed all the live long day.
Green – Great color to receive. This means your child was good today and had little to no issues.
Yellow – Good day, but had to be corrected a few times to stay on task and follow directions. The kids who always get red strive to get on yellow.
Orange – Teacher is losing her patience with your child’s antics and primitive behavior.
Red – Your child is the reason the teacher drinks and considering a job at Sonic.
So this little fart gets on red every day. Kylee tells me he tears down whatever she is building, colors on her papers to mess them up, cuts in line, doesn’t listen to the teacher, throws wood chips at her on the play ground, and is basically the next Justin Bieber, a tool.  My words, not hers.
I remember a week or so ago when the kid and his mom walked in the room when it was just me and Kylee emptying her folder, and I overheard the boy tell his mom that she is the girl he hates… yes, HATES… Kylee and I looked at one another and shared the same facial expression of complete shock. I encouraged Kylee to ignore hateful people, while his mom apparently took MY advice and ignored her hateful son.  Awkward. I might have rolled my eyes a tad at her.
The latest report is the dweeb told Kylee he wished she were dead and kicked her. WHA!? How could this be allowed in Pre-K?  
I reached out to a couple mothers in her class to confirm my suspicion of this kid and my inkling was right. He is a pest and was quite possibly kicked out of his previous daycare for being a total douche menace to society.  
There could possibly be a bully beat down in the drop off zone if this kid's mother doesn't take her parenting vitamin and get this demon child under control. I’ve called the school and expressed my distain concerns about this boy. Hopefully a resolution will come from it that doesn’t involve my brass knuckles and bail money.

Stay tuned.