Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pin me

I don’t think I have been this addicted to anything since Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Home Improvement.
Pinterest consumes my mind and steels any potential of being productive or accomplishing anything for the day. My mind is on a non-stop cycle of pins, boards and more pins. And just as soon as my mind is on the verge of resting from crafts, recipes and sparkly nail polish, my mind generator kicks in and before I know it I’m pinning and repining!
The other day I compared Pinterest to internet cocaine and while I have never actually experimented with cocaine, I hear the side effects are quite similar and I was proud of my precise comparison.
I am finding my inner crafty girl and can’t stop thinking of other fun DIY projects. I actually spent my lunch hour the other day at Hobby Lobby just browsing for ideas I got from pins! HOBBY.LOBBY! I’m adjusting my grocery list to accommodate some of the neat recipes I repined and thinking of upcoming events I could possibly work in those adorable snowmen made from marshmallows and pretzel stix. I have an incurable urge to organize my flip flops and food pantry and tubberware. I am now on the prowl for some old shades to make a vintage mail holder with. I am saying “Why didn’t I think of that” multiple times a day. I’m taking inventory of all my junk and trying to create something pin worthy from it… I am out.of.control.
If you don’t participate or have not been invited yet to get all pinny with us, then chances are you have no idea what I am blabbering about and in which case, I apologize. If you do Pin, chances are you know EXACTLY what I am going through and the pure joy received from finding a new awesome pin!
I have invited a few friends to join me in my down whirl spiral straight to the pin-board abyss.   I guess you could call me their enabler, dealer, antagonist…? Whatever! Don’t judge me!  They will be much happier once they experience the pure adrenalin of adding more pins to their boards and finding new ways to spend their hard earned paychecks at Hobby Lobby and Lowe’s.
Do I control the pins, or do the pins control me? No one can tell. I’ve wasted so much time writing this blog that I haven’t pinned anything in like 15 minutes so I must sign off and get busy.