Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Women seem to always be on the hunt for that perfect relationship. The relationship that adds purpose to her life and meaning to her day. The relationship that fills her calendar up with fun adventures and picture worthy moments. The relationship that serves as her umbrella when life’s rain beats brutally down on her. The relationship that builds her self esteem higher and higher each day with impromptu text messages. But sometimes these things can be found in your friends alone.
I realized this weekend, that while I can find these same things in a boyfriend, I was beyond blessed to find these same things in my girlfriends, both the new and old ones.
I was invited to go out with a group of girls this past weekend. Most of which I didn’t know and was going to meet for the first time that night. This wasn’t a big deal to me because I tend to make friends everywhere I go. I was anxiously excited to see what the night had for us. The following night, I was invited to a very dear friend’s husband’s birthday party. She has been my friend since the first day in Jr. high. I was very excited to see her and other friends from school. The entire weekend was amazing. One of the best weekends I have had in a long time. It wouldn’t have been so fantastic without these friends.
I’ve made some pretty big strides when it comes to friendships.
To be completely honest and confess this with regret, I lost focus on my friendships when I was married. I didn’t water my relationships with my girls frequently enough to let them blossom. My marriage took a lot of my time, energy and attention and left very little for my friends to divide amongst themselves. Many of my friendships withered down to a small weed. The small bit of contact I actually had with my girls often escalated into a fight which resulted in a drought of communication. A lot that was said and a lot that went unsaid caused more strain on those friendships than I ever could have imagined. I slowly withdrew myself from all of my friends and looking back, it was one of the bigger mistakes I ever could have made.
I have thankfully been forgiven by all my friends and we have begun the process of rebuilding what we once had. I am so thankful that who I was, is not who I am now. I am also grateful for my friends who kept faith in me and our unbreakable friendships were in fact, unbreakable.
Being a mom has brought me so many unexpected blessings; New friends being a big one. It’s incredible that motherhood alone can form such an unrelenting bond. Sharing in the pain, joy, stress, and stickiness of mothering children serves as the gorilla glue that keeps us all together.
The main reason I am writing this is to say THANK YOU to ALL my girlfriends who have stayed by me, forgiven me, supported me and welcomed me into their lives. And to the friendships I just recently made, I say THANK YOU for helping me realize just how important these relationships are. And to my fellow mother - friends, thank you for sitting next to me on this very whirly, twirly roller coaster of never ending sticky tables, booger picking, potty training, back talking, cooking and cleaning ride of terror. Without you next to me, I might have jumped off a long time ago. You help to keep me strapped in and for that, my kids and I owe you our lives!
My girlfriends mean so much to me and sometimes it just needs to be said, written or published. Again, thank you friends, for being that stable relationship that keeps me encouraged, focused, determined, confident, worthy, happy, energized,  grateful, humble and most importantly, happy. I love you all and I pray for you daily. I pray God continues to bless our relationship and strengthen us daily.
Love your friend,