Thursday, February 9, 2012

Living Social, Groupons and more, OH MY!

Do you receive those daily offers from Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local Deals, or any other coupon websites? If so there’s a good chance you are questioning the value of your existence and evaluating where you rank on the fun factor scale of life. Or is that just me? Each day I check my email and I have about 3 different deals to choose from. They are generally always too expensive for the budget I have set aside for my hot stone massages, (insert disgruntled sarcasm because I clearly have no budget for massages of ANY kind) or I just can’t seem to find the extra hours in my week to take that romantic trip for two… They need to send a Groupon deal for some actual romance, I would buy that, and then I might consider the romantic getaway… But I’m clearly not going to purchase a romantic getaway minus the romance. Know your audience Groupon!
Are there really people who are taking weekend trips to rock climb, bungee jump, zip line through the rain forest and take Chisholm Trail rides? If so, I just have a few questions.  Who are these people? Do they work full time? Do they have children? Do they have extracurricular commitments such as Pinterest? And if so, how do they do manage to be so awesome and when and where can we meet?
Not everyone is actually buying these outlandish and extravagant packages… Are they? Especially the coupons on how to dance like a hooker on a pole or a photo shoot in your panties ½ off… (the price)… Are there really women buying these things? Wowzer!
I am hopeful that one day the stars will align perfectly and I will actually get some use out of these special offers. Until then these emails typically find themselves in my Deleted Items folder as I continue to live vicariously through the ads.