Friday, February 3, 2012

No creative title....

My girlfriend signed me up for this Mud Run death race thingy in April. I toyed around with a few reasons as to why I couldn’t participate. Nothing crazy, just the typical excuses; I’m too busy to train, I can’t afford it, I have to water the lawn, I’m allergic to mud, etc. But ultimately when she paid for my registration fee I was officially out of logical excuses not to do it and no one wants to say out loud that they’re just too lazy to get in shape. Instead, I went out and got a Jillian Michaels DVD to use at home and started running jogging on the side. I must say, I’ve never been a natural runner. I was never a fan of gasping for breath, burning throat, sore feet or that pain in your side that resembles a pair of scissors being jabbed in and out with relentless force. I wish I was one of those chicks whose idea of stress therapy involved a pair of Asics and a bottle of Figi water. My stress therapy is more likely to involve a pair of peep toe shoes and box of wine. To each his own.  
Logan has begun to form an opinion so the dynamics of our nightly routine have changed slightly. Kylee and Logan are constantly going to the mattresses about which show is going to be watched first. Dino Dan or Max and Ruby? Logan is no longer passive about letting his sitter control the…. everything. He is very particular about having and doing whatever Kylee has or is doing. If she has a granola bar, he has to have a granola bar. If she feeds their fish, he feeds their fish. He she helps g me prepare dinner, he has to help me prepare dinner. It stinks because I am not an equal opportunity mother. I have neither the time nor patience to instill equality to my home. Please drop your comments/complaints in the comment box on your way out.
I am happy to report that there hasn’t been much activity from the X-man lately. We hardly speak and when we do it is the bare minimum regarding the kids. We have perfected our text communication to a few short words. Yes, no, okay, maybe. His relationship to Hannah Montana inevitably didn’t work. (tears of joy) Ironically I haven’t seen mascara on Kylee since her predicted departure.
February is going to keep us very busy. Multiple baby showers and birthday parties to attend. So let’s pop a 5 hour energy and get this month started shall we?!