Monday, February 27, 2012

THEY were right

Well I assume they are right, as they usually are. Whoever they are I’m so glad they were right and I’m now a believer of them. People always say when you aren’t looking for someone, that’s when someone finds you, which is exactly what happened. I’m going to withhold a few details of The Boy for now but I give him all the credit for my recent child like behavior. I have doodled his name on my binder and I gush, blush and mush over him frequently.

I had no intention on meeting someone when and where I did. It happened almost to the minute when I decided that I was perfectly content not meeting anyone then BOOM! My previous relationship or whatever was enough experience for me to jump off the dating Ferris wheel for a while and join the witness protection program. The Boy has removed a veil from my eyes that I never knew was there and I see things differently and I feel them differently.

Many of my friends and readers are quite interested in my love life (or lack thereof) and how it’s progressing and/or digressing. To those keeping up, and for those just tuning in, things are great fantastic!  I will continue to elaborate more as this story develops.

Like most of my custodial weekends, I had 2 birthday parties and a play date. And by play date, I mean a chance for me and a friend to drink wine and gossip while the kids play quietly (insert sarcasm) amongst themselves. Both children were on their best behavior for the majority of the weekend and I have determined that their behavior is the common denominator to my happiness. (And they know it.) One of the parties was at a Chucky Cheese knock off which I like to refer to as over-stimulation station. What kid palace would be complete without a urinal jungle gym for the kids to crawl on and collect germs like a lent trap? Ick. And of course the tickets…the D&*%%& tickets!!! I think it would have been easier to explain the Bermuda Triangle to Kylee than it was to explain that you can’t buy anything for 500 tickets when you only have 92!  I showed Kylee the shelf she was allowed to pick from to cash in her tickets and for the love of gawd she did not understand why I was being so heartless. Of course it’s my lifelong dream to prevent her from owning a piggy bank from Peter Piper Pizza. Or at least in her head that’s how it went down. I was ready to slip the 15 year old behind the counter a $20 and call it a day except the little twerp next to me seemed suspicious so I aborted the mission. However I just found a princess piggy bank at Target WITH a crown for $14.99 so there is room from redemption yet!

Mom -1 :  Peter Piper Pizza - 0