Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Copy, Paste Forever

I started this blog after I separated from the X Man in hopes that my emotions and feelings would be validated in some diminutive way. That by pressing Publish Post it would certify that what I was experiencing was normal and that someone gave a hoot about it.  As I have been growing within myself, the purpose of the blog is shifting from its original intention and meaning. I’m no longer writing from a place of confusion, worry, doubt or fear. Confusion about how my path lead me there, worry of surviving alone, doubt and fear about being a good mom. I’m addressing this blog from a new place of total confidence and excitement about my future.

The boy and I introduced the kids this weekend. I was so nervous. If you are a committed follower or reader of this blog it should come as no surprise to you that Kylee can be a tad sassy.  I was fearful of which foot she was going to put forward. Also, I was meeting his son and his mom for the first time. Needless to say there was a lot of pressure being applied to that day. The boy reassured me that thus far our relationship has been extremely blessed and God would continue to iron out all the wrinkles for us, including the relationship with our children and families. And boy was he right. Kylee and his son got along perfectly and she embraced the Boy as well. You could feel the natural comfort in the air. It wasn’t manufactured or created out of the desire to please us. It was, genuine. His son engaged me into a tickle war and begged for more. Logan was just trying to keep up with them and held his own pretty well. We spent that very rainy day dodging nurf gun bullets, coloring, watching movies, connecting and laughing. I could copy and paste that day into my life forever.

It was an important step for both of us and a crucial step towards our future together. The Boy brings light to a lot of things I could never see before and redefines things I thought I already knew.  He has reaffirmed my faith on many levels. He is a prayer that has come to fruition and I am humbled by God’s passion for my happiness.  
God has aligned things up for us in such a way that all we have to do is take the steps He is placing before us and at the pace He chooses for us. I’m fairly certain He made it this easy for me my entire life. Only now, He has my full attention.