Wednesday, March 7, 2012

God: The Spiritual Feng Shui Master

I’m sitting here looking at this white screen trying to figure out a way to put in print how amazing God is. I am forewarning you that I am going to fall extremely short in expressing the depth and precision of His love and blessings on all of us.

Just 3 weeks ago I was opening myself up and moving things around within my heart so that God could move in and perform a Feng Shui type makeover of my insides.  I had somehow allowed myself to get comfortable with where I was spiritually, but my spirit was very uncomfortable. I had a Holy Spirit Charlie horse with unrelenting pain.  I knew I was actively disobeying God. I knew He wanted me to run away from it, break off ties with it, delete it from my life and move forward into His plan for me. I resisted. Ask me why and we’ll have a starring contest for hours. I simply don’t know. Personal desire, earthly needs, general rebellion? Who knows? There are tons of reasons we choose to go against God’s grain.  Minor details excluded, I finally decided that I wasn’t going to make any more decisions without God saying, YES.  

Ever since I said YES to God, He has been saying YES right back at me. Blessings are overflowing in every corner of my life. Broken pieces of my past are mending and obstacles are being removed. The path is paved with God’s assurance and guided by His truth.

I know my audience and I can say this with complete confidence, that I have found my future. I know where I am, and I know where I am going.

I encourage any eyes that read this to allow God into your spiritual living room and let him rearrange your life according to His vision, not yours. He is the greatest interior decorator and no one will ever make your spiritual house look better than He will.