Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

I think I’m suffering from writer’s block or something. Well I’m not exactly suffering from it. I just don’t have anything new to talk about. A few friends who follow my blog have requested that I post something new so I’m warning you all, I’m pulling from the bottom of the barrel here. Since Easter just passed, I guess I can talk about the reasons why I hate that Easter Bunny, aside from the fact that he doesn’t exist, he gets all the credit for my work and there is absolutely NO connection between him and Christ rising from the dead. He’s the Santa for spring….

Easter weekend was by definition a success. And by success I mean, the kids came home from school with buckets of plastic eggs and that dreadful cellophane grass crap (thanks granny sue)that clogs my vacuum cleaner and is found all over the house for 6 months post Easter. I have been picking up broken plastic eggs all week long, I’m finding random jelly beans and nerds on the floor and starburst wrappers in the couch cushions and of course spilled sugar Fun Dip. The aftermath of Easter lingers for quite some time. Much like the stench of cooking cabbage…. Ick. But on a positive note, I was able to snatch some of the kid’s reeses peanut butter eggs and hide them in the freezer for myself. Win!

Kylee and I went head to head this past weekend. The cause of her extreme brat- like behavior has yet to be determined but experiments with the belt have rendered significant results. I’m not certain where she received the sense of entitlement, or gained the courage to argue with everything I say, but she went full blown politician on me. All that was missing was a podium for her to stand behind as she debated with me about, ev-er-y-THING. Thankfully we had a moment to just sit and talk Sunday night and she has been great since then. Her attitude can be like a defected treadmill that goes backward and forward and you never know when it’s gonna work properly. 

The Boy’s son has a baseball game on Saturday. I am still not attending those yet. His X isn’t too thrilled about the idea of me or the existence of me for that matter. So respectfully, we are waiting to pull that band-aid off. I’m a woman, a mother and ex-wife just like she is. So I can understand the emotions she is experiencing. My toes have been stepped on by the X-man’s girlfriends before and I don’t desire to be the one stepping on anyone’s toes.

After a weekend jammed packed with kids, events, errands, family and church it’s nice to know a weekend with nothing on my horizon except the Boy.

Is it Friday yet?