Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I haven’t felt very bloggy lately. My last post seemed to stir up some folks unintentionally. Plus I haven’t had much to say. When I write about typical and untypical mommy moments I tend to get a lot of positive feedback so I’m gonna go back down that safe path.

I found Kylee sitting naked in her sink the other day. Pause for reaction -------I wasn’t sure what shocked me most, all the water on the counters and floor or the fact that she was naked. In a sink. I guess the entire scenario threw me off. My bewilderment caught Kylee off guard as well. As if I should know, understand and support her nakedness in the sink. I had to laugh. She told me she was just playing and felt like it would be fun to sit in her sink. Naked. But not to worry because she was going to clean it all up when she was done. (Done with WHAT?!)  I still don’t know. But I respected her privacy and felt safer with the out of sight out of mind theory on this one.

Logan pooped in the tub, AGAIN. I’m considering installing a garbage disposal in the tub for future doo doo accidents. Let’s just say, I can never have enough bleach in the house. My goodness will this boy ever poop in the designated areas?! That isn’t a rhetorical question, will he?

My birthday was earlier this month and I celebrated it with everyone I love most in the world. (Except my mom of course as she was babysitting. Shout out mom!) Actually let me clarify, not everyone I love dearly could make it. But they are fellow mommies and wives with kid parties to plan and attend, lactating breasts to pump, new babies and other responsibilities and priorities to attend to; Which I fully understand and they were missed. So a special thanks to all my friends who made it! A few girlfriends and I went to breakfast Saturday morning, followed by a nice little spa treatment. We laughed. A lot.  Later we all went to dinner and a comedy show. And truth be told, I don’t think I enjoy anything as much as I enjoy laughing. I love it. Like that guy in Mary Poppins who floats to the ceiling when he laughs. That was me on my birthday. I got to celebrate it with the Boy who makes every day better just by existing. Even though by 11 o’clock I was ready for bed, it was a good time. Funny how when you’re a teenager you want a later curfew and sneak out late to go to parties… But as an adult we’re downing a 5-Hour energy just to make it through dinner before the party even starts!

The girl's spa treatment 

A few of us dancing the night away


A few good friends!

It’s been a nice jump start to the summer!

This weekend the kids and I are going swimming and to a BBQ with some good friends. The Texas heat has us running for the pool every chance we get. I hope you’re finding a fun way to beat the heat this summer besides locking yourself inside reading 50 Shades of Grey or Jersey Shore. OK sorry, just kidding and no offense to those trying to cleanse their mind of brain cells. Go on about your day… oh and LOL.

(Adding LOL makes it okay)