Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mother appreciation on tap - Get some!

Some nights in the world of motherhood or easy breezy while other nights are downhill cluster-iffic frenzy. There’s really no mathematical calculation to determine what the next night will be like. No numbers system or Da Vinci code to solve the mystery of why one night the kids are on point with their manners and the next night they run lose like wild banshees on bath salts.  Whether the majority of your nights run smooth or barely run at all, whether you parent alone or with a partner, parenting requires appreciation. Without it, a parent is liable to lose the few brain cells of sanity they have left. (If they haven’t already)

Yesterday I got off a little early and decided I would get the few items I needed from the store before I picked the kids up. Going to the store with the kids is an obstacle course with booby traps hidden everywhere. The marketing genius jerk thought it would be a nifty idea to place little gadgets and toys in random aisles with the salsa, or easy mac. So as I confidently turn down the pasta aisle I’m attacked with Mom can we get that? Oh mom look at those straws! We NEED those! Puh-Leeeeease mom!? Oh man, we NEVER get anything.

So yesterday as I was checking out, I saw the candy was on sale and thought I would surprise the kids with a little treat. (Another booby trap, the candy by the registers. There truly is NO escape) the last 3 times Kylee has requested candy she has wanted the Hershey’s white chocolate cookies N’ cream bar. It was a no brainer. Feeling like a total rockstar I thought in my head, Yup, Im gonna make their day with this candy! I was wrong. Her ungrateful response when I gave it to her was not only appalling, frustrating and hurtful; it flat out pissed me off. As if I should have known better, she wanted the Hershey drops MOM. Sparing you the details, I handled her attitude right then and there and I enjoyed a cookies N’ cream Hershey bar later that night, compliments of Kylee’s terrible attitude.
I tell you this story because it got me thinking about how much we mothers do that goes completely unrecognized and sometimes blatantly disregarded; Sometimes by our kids and sometimes by our spouse. A simple unexpected treat for the kids set the tone for our evening. After the discipline portion of the night was finished we recovered and ended our night in a better way than we began it. No doubt about it, I felt completely unappreciated last night.

I have great family and friends who support me and randomly send their praises my way and reassure me that I’m a good mom. Unfortunately I don’t have affirmation on tap. However we do have a drain of appreciation that never gets clogged. I needed someone to pull me aside last night and say, Amanda, you are seriously amazing and I don’t know how you do it. I think it’s important to give ourselves praises when we need it. It’s a self reliant strategy I developed that helps me fit more comfortably in my super mom cape. So here are a few reasons why I’m a kick-ace mom. Feel free to add to the list the reasons why YOU are a kick-ace mom too. Because let’s face it, YOU ARE! WE ARE!

1.       I cook at least 5 nights a week. (Crock pot cooking totally counts!)
2.       I get a load of laundry done every night or every other night.
3.       I deep clean my house weekly.
4.       We wrestle and tickle each other every night. Lots of laughs
5.       I do the dishes every night (even when I REALLY don’t want to)
6.       We pray together, daily
7.       I let Logan splash in the tub
8.       I watch Go Diego Go.
9.       I paint Kylee’s nails
10.   I randomly buy them little treats. (even though I buy the “wrong” kind)
11.   I sacrifice a lot for their happiness
12.   I make them snacks after school
13.   I make them breakfast before school
14.   I stock our pantry with stuff they like
15.   We eat dinner at the table together
16.   We talk about their day together
17.   We go swimming
18.   We color
19.   We play Barbies
20.   We play school
21.   We play store
22.   We play hide and seek
23.   We play “monster”
24.   We play, a lot
25.   We snuggle when we watch TV & movies together
26.   We love each other. 

Come on fellow mommies, let’s get some appreciation on tap! You’re worth it. I’m worth it. And in the moments when you feel drained of everything you need to keep going, refer back to this list.