Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ventage not Vintage

The other day I received a summary statement from daycare that our account was behind and a payment needed to be made immediately.  I initially thought this was a mistake because surely the X-man wouldn’t neglect his only financial responsibility. Nonetheless, I contacted the X –man to inquire about this and he politely and graciously told me he forgot to drop his payment off and would gladly take care of that immediately. He would even contact the director of the daycare as soon as we hung up to clear up the matter and for me not to worry my pretty little head about anything. Knowing his word is as solid as concrete, I carried on with my day worry free and indulged in a candle lit bubble bath accompanied by Yanni’s Greatest hits. Later that evening I went to daycare to pick up our little darlings and was greeted with the staff of the daycare singing and dancing songs of praises to me that a payment was made so promptly.

If only that were 1/3 of the truth I would be prancing in a field of daffodils and butterflies with a bottle of chilled Moscato.

The true version of the above mentioned scenario looked a lot more like me doing multiple follow ups and reminders for the X-man to take care of his financial responsibilities… Being assured he is, he would and he did… only to find out…. he didn’t. When I address the broken promises and lies I am greeted and buffered with nothing more than fluff and bedazzled excuses as to why he is omitted from needing to tell me the truth, take care of his responsibilities and obligations and how I just “love to fight with him.” Yep folks, that’s why we divorced, because we didn’t fight enough to fill my endless craving of immature and mindless debates.

Meanwhile, he trots around town in his new Mercedes living at his parent’s house portraying himself as a “man.”  Substituting a real job for a dream as a “pro-fighter.” Neglecting our agreement with every choice he makes. The lack of respect is blinding and the ignored messages are deafening. The only thing I can rely on is that he is lying.  That civil co-parenting dream I had 2 years ago is now a very faint imagine of me not hurting him with a bat or accidentally scratching his beautiful, too expensive because he has no job and pays no child support car!!

….Breathe in….. and out…. Breathe in…. and out….….Breathe in….. and out…. Breathe in…. and out….

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was organized and categorized like Barnes and Nobles? There would be a section for parenting, co-parenting, social living, cleaning, dating, working and therapy for sure. So when you’re going through a specific season in your life, you could go to that section and find what you need?

Life just isn’t that clean or simple is it? Darn. Back to reality we go.

I promise my next entry will be wine induced and surely have some happier things to report. 

Thanks for letting me vent!