Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Carousel of Chaos

We are halfway thru our first week of school!!! Kylee’s first day went great! She cried a little when her dad and I had to leave, but it’s my guess that after we left she began teaching the class. We’re so fortunate (and cursed) to have such an independent and strong willed child who can be thrown into virtually any situation and come out on top. She might pout or cry on her way there but she’s gonna rock it one way or another.

First Day of School

First day of Kindergarten

In addition to starting Kindergarten Kylee has also begun cheerleading (cringe) which has turned our once simple little schedule into a very complex tango that I have not quite mastered yet.

My brain clocks in at 5:50am and doesn’t clock out until 10pm. I start off by getting the kids up and ready for school. It’s a lot like herding turtles thru peanut butter. Slow, aggravating and messy. We have to leave about 15 minutes earlier than usual to get Logan dropped off, then Kylee to school for breakfast and me to work on time. The sense of urgency in our schedule lingers until I get to my desk and have my first cup of coffee. There is mild relief during the day but at 4:30 I’m back on the carousel of chaos. Rushing to get the kids, feed the kids, pack the cooler and diaper bag (yes because Logan is STILL not potty trained), get to practice, keep Logan from doing cheers at practice, back home for baths and showers and snacks (oh my), bedtime stories and prayers, make lunches for the next day, rotate the laundry, inevitably forget something then collapse in bed. Repeat the next day.

I was aware that our schedule would undergo an extreme makeover when I signed Kylee up for cheerleading. I don’t think I truly took into consideration all of the logistics at the time but I am feeling the exhaustion from my muscles to my bones.

Starting next weekend Kylee will have a football game every Saturday until the end of October. Somewhere between the practices, games, homework, dishes and laundry we have to schedule their birthday parties. As predicted, Kylee has made it perfectly clear that she is too old to share her party with her younger brother. I can feel my shoulder muscles burning as I type this.

This season in our lives is quite frantic and I find myself sweating more than I used to but I’m learning things along the way too.

Maybe this information will save someone’s life….
1.       The milk seems to expire faster when your life doesn’t slow down so buy milk every chance you get.
2.       Never buy lucky charm cereal because they only eat the marsh mellows. You’ll be stepping on the uneaten cereal for weeks.  
3.       Your car will never stay clean
4.       “Come on we’re gonna be late” means nothing if the TV is on.
5.       “Come on we’re gonna be late” means nothing if the TV is of.
6.       “Come on we’re gonna be late” pretty much means nothing, ever.
7.       “I’m hungry” is only uttered at bed time.

 I will continue documenting the things I learn along the way for your reading pleasure.