Friday, October 26, 2012

Jeggings are not jeans...

It’s that time of year again. The seasons are changing and I’ve entered the vortex of never ending laundry. I keep approaching the daunting task of organizing the kid’s drawers and closet before winter officially arrives.  But each time I get ballsy enough to start the task, the overwhelming amount of clothes that don’t fit them anymore and lack of places to stick them overcome my good intentions.

Socks are my archenemy. I hate them, they hate me and we battle it out all winter. They run and hide, I seek and sometimes find but usually their partner won’t survive. All I’m left with is a basket full of widowed socks that spend an eternity being my new dust rags. Mwahahahaahhaha!!! (evil laugh) I still hate them.

Living in Texas has its advantages. We get to wear sandals a couple months longer and we can get away with wearing hoodies before we need an actual coat. But there is always that pivotal moment when the cold front arrives and I’m completely unprepared for it. Kylee is even more unprepared for cold weather than I am. She goes thru a cycle of denial that she can’t wear her strappy sandals, jeggings are not jeans, and socks are not optional. YAY for more reasons to fight with my 6 year old! (insert sarcasm here___) The last cold front that came in I decided to do some experimental parenting. (Or I was just tired of justifying myself to a child and wanted to see her choices nip her in the bud – yeah, probably that one)

I told her it was going to be cold and she should dress accordingly.  Also, we were dressing  to go to church. Now our church is very casual and has a come as you are type dress code. However Kylee had been wearing the seams out of a tiny pair of jean shorts that were an inch away from being spanks with pockets. Too short for church or public for that matter but the cold factor was just another reason to retire them. I secretly plot to get those shorts to stay at her dads but they mysteriously end up in my laundry week after week. Well played daddy. Well played. Anyhow, she glared at me with her eyebrow raised clearly thinking I’m the dumbest mother of all time who skipped the orientation on how to raise a child. She was looking at me as if I told her aliens were pooping French fries and it was raining tartar sauce. 

What? I ask. She explained to me that it’s not that cold and she’d be fine. The escapade of getting ready for church can deplete me of my faith. In efforts to restore my energy and potentially set her up for a good ole life lesson, I decided not to fight her on this and see what happened. As predicted, she was cold. She begged me to turn the heater on, she asked to wear my jacket and said her toes were numb… Mwahahahaahhaha!!! Miserable child with self inflicted discomfort!!! Mission accomplished.

Sometimes I have to let her make the wrong decisions so she can see how right I always am.

See? I didn’t skip the orientation Kylee.