Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello Holidays... So we meet again.....

Ahhh hello holiday season. We meet again. Feels like you were just here draining my bank account. I promised myself that the next time you came around I would be more prepared for you.  Mentally and financially. Well it looks like I failed again. Thankfully the birth of Pinterest has helped us all appear to be more crafty and chef like than we probably are. It still doesn’t make the fact that there are only 27 and ½ days left until Christmas morning.

And as if that lingering reality doesn’t freak you out enough, there is also the planning of these holiday functions. I’m not sure how the planning of holiday events work with your family but with mine it’s much like trying to find your way out of a labyrinth blindfolded after a few shots of something dark.

Within my immediate family I have a divorced sister who has a unique custody schedule with her ex. I also have an Ex that I share custody and holidays with. Of course my ex has his immediate family with married spouses and children and extended in-law agendas. All of my step brothers and sisters are married with children and in-laws and other timetables to adhere to. Then add the Boy to the batter of blended schedules and confusion. He has a son and an Ex that he shares custody and holidays with as well. I’m assuming she has immediate family dynamics too.  So planning a function, a party, or even Christmas day without T-boning into someone else’s plans are unlikely. The chances that everyone will be willing to bend, break or compromise their traditions and arrangements are about as likely as catching Lindsey Lohan on a good day. And even if they are, coordinating one single event requires a minimum of 4-8 phone calls or 37 text messages. By the end of the holiday season the only ones who actually had an enjoyable, stress free time are the pets we leave at home.

Men and women see this tedious task of planning holiday functions so differently. Men see it as just another place they have to tuck their shirts in at and awkwardly chit chat with distant relatives and semi-complete strangers. They also view our temporary lapse of sanity to coordinate these events to be silly and insignificant. But women know that if we don’t do it…. No one will. The entire holiday season would pass without seeing or mingling with anyone outside of the one sided conversations they have with ESPN.
It’s draining just thinking about it.

At some point during my transition from a child to adult the holidays became less about the excitement of what presents were mine and more like a gauntlet of time management.

There’s no beating this carousel of madness. Just get on, get flexible, bring a side dish and hope for the best.

Happy Holiday planning everyone!!!