Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Then there was one...

Since daycares require a donation of your right kidney to keep your kids during the holidays, Kylee has spent the week with her dad and I have had Logan at home with me. The dynamics when you downsize from two kids to one kid is remarkable. It makes me wonder why I ever considered having 1 kid to be difficult. I’m sure mothers of 3 or 4 are thinking the same thing about me with my 2. All of this math is confusing me.  

With Kylee out of the house, Logan has received my undivided attention and I have discovered a few things about my son that I either didn’t know or didn’t realize until now.

1.       He is gross – He is a total boy and talks like one. He says things like, “I’m gonna put poop on your eye ball” and “I ate my fart!”  ” Whaaa? Where did that come from?  Is that even possible?

2.       He is extremely silly – I already knew this about him but when Kylee isn’t around his guard comes down and he unleashes the silly monster to run rapid (and naked) around the house. He crawls around on all fours and says he’s a naked puppy, he dances and explicitly shakes his booty to the point where I am uncomfortable and quite certain breaking a few laws.

3.       He likes to snuggle – Again, something I already knew, but when it’s the 3 of us, Kylee and Logan have to compromise and split me. She gets one side, he gets the other and I get squished and my limbs go numb. When he doesn’t have to share, he is all over me. His sweet little blonde head never left my shoulder. Last night I was doing the dishes and he said, “mommy why you doing that, sit with me.” So I put the Dawn down, dried my hands and accepted his invitation.

4.       He’s tough – Now this one surprised me.  Typically when the 3 of us are playing or wrestling, he will be the first one to cry because he was accidentally pushed down, or hit too hard. Actually, Kylee is the first one. Actually I have no idea who is the first to cry because they are both pretty wimpy and love the sympathy attention. However the last couple of days he seems tougher. He fell off of his bike yesterday and got up and said “I strong mommy, I not crying.” He bumped his head on the faucet in the tub and didn’t flinch. Not sure if this is because of Kylee’s absence but either way I like that he is outgrowing his feeble exterior.

5.       He loves his sister – Of course, duh! But on a daily basis it might be hard to recognize the love over all the bickering and arguing. I swear sometimes they taunt one another as if it were their calling in life! But the first night away from Kylee he was concerned about where she was, when she was coming home and why she wasn’t with us. And in his sweet little voice, “I miss my Kylee” I could hear the pure love he has for his big sister.

The quiet in the house has been a relaxing change of pace. But I am looking forward to getting Kylee back today and snuggling her until my limbs go numb. I miss the feeling of her hands playing with my hair as we watch TV. I miss answering questions like, “What color is the wind?” I miss the smell if chicken nuggets and the sight of her socks laying by the front door. OK maybe I don’t miss the sock part, but I can’t wait to tell her how much we missed HER!!!