Monday, December 10, 2012

Meeting the Family

This past weekend the boy and I ventured to East Texas for his mom’s family Christmas. I met uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, and babies of cousins and a miniature long haired dachshund that I absolutely fell in love with. It would be funnier for my blog’s sake if his family had some quirky hang-ups or an uncle who farted too much but my goodness they were one hound dog and rocking chair short of being a Norman Rockwell Painting. They were inviting, loving, embracing and hilariously entertaining.  I felt loved as soon as I walked in. Everyone welcomed me with a hug, well except uncle Pat who claims he isn’t a hugger but I think next year I’m gonna go for it.

We took Isaac, Kurt’s son with us too. It was great to get this time with him. He’s shy and introverted naturally so it’s been a slow process building that bond with him. Not to mention I only see him every 14 days.  I knew in time it would come, and it has.  He got to shoot his first gun and his dad and I were there to see it. Kurt misses out on so many firsts with Isaac, so it was really special for him to be there for this one. I think Isaac and I both felt a tad overwhelmed by all the family we were about to encounter so our nerves brought us closer.  We laughed together when I was afraid to shoot the bigger gun, he begged me to tickle him which I happen to be really good at. There were times he sat on my lap or rested his head on my shoulder.  And my heart filled up like a wet sham wow.

I heard stories about Kurt as a boy, and saw the way his face focused on his Nanny when she spoke about their past. Every family member expressed their gratitude for making Kurt so happy and all the while I’m thinking to myself that his happiness can’t hold a candle to the joy he has brought to my life. But to be recognized as the one who has made his life so much better reconfirmed his role in my life as well. It was a good weekend for sure.

And what road trip with a 6 year would be complete without 101 million questions? I’m certain Microsoft Word has a word limit so here is a condensed version of the questions we were asked during our trip:

1.       Can you live to be 1000 years old and still do Karate. (note “still” implies that one could possibly live to 1000)
2.       Daddy, can you beat up the hulk? No. WHY not?! Okay, yes…. Then how?
3.       What is Captain America’s favorite thing to do?
4.       I have a wedgie. (I know this isn’t a question but he said it at the best times! It happened often)
5.       Are we almost there?
6.       What if we were almost there? (these questions always confuse me because the answers kinda don’t exist.)
7.       Are Chinese people in our state?
8.       China is weird cause sometimes you have to eat sushi and they don’t give you forks, they give you chop sticks! (Again, I know this isn’t a question but his statements were epic)
9.       Daddy can you blow up that bridge?
10.   Would you blow it up after we got over it though? (I thought his concern about the hypothetical explosion of the bridge was funny)
11.   Amanda, do you like cookies because they’re good? (I was perplexed on what other possible answer there was to this question so I went with YES, can I have another.)
This weekend was nothing short of perfect, amazing, incredible, fun and special.