Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bad Days Need Wine

There are just some days that start off in such a way that you know the rest of your day is going to require wine, a hot bath and/or heavy sedation. That’s how my day began yesterday and today.

Keep in mind Logan still refuses to walk. Great fun! Even though he walked from his bed to my bed at 3am, he still says he can’t walk. Yesterday I woke up like any other day and began our normal routine. Rise and shine! (Disgruntled kids moan and refuse to move) Come on guys we gotta get up. Repeat 3-7 times, add eye rolling. I carried the broken kid to the living room and tried to get him dressed without touching his “hurt” foot. Next time you put jeans on your kid try to do it without touching their leg. Go ahead, its fun. It would be easier to dress a mercat! Carrying Logan to and from is like carrying a huge sack of potatoes that screams at you and chokes your neck.

Two hours into my work day I get a call from daycare that Logan needed to be picked up. I explained to the daycare on Monday that Logan was fine. He COULD walk but is afraid to try. My suggestion to them was not to cater to his laziness. If he wants a toy, he will have to walk or crawl to it and hopefully he would get tired of that and realize he can in fact, WALK! Apparently without a note from the doctor saying exactly what I already said, he would have to leave. 4 hours, 1 happy meal a $73 doctor’s note, 5 missed texts, 8 missed emails later he was back at school and I was back at work. I watched my day climb to the high dive and did a cannon ball into a big pool of (ear muffs) shit.

This morning when we woke up I saw the current temperature was 43° with a high of 53° so when Kylee came in wearing shorts I gave her a twitchy look and said she needed to change. She then unleashed a tsunami of back talk, whining, pouting and begging. Kylee has a very unstable relationship with pants. Getting her to wear them has always been a struggle. Luckily we live in Texas so this is only a pain in my a%# about 6 weeks out of the year. She doesn’t like jeans either, she will only wear jeggings, and don’t even put a pair of pajama pants in her path without wearing a metal shield. I remember when she started school and how naive I was to think that thanks to uniforms the getting dress battle would be over. Wrong. So very wrong.

When I woke up this morning my stomach felt queasy. No I’m not pregnant. I felt like something needed to come out and it was a coin toss of which end it was going to be. No I’m not pregnant. So I continued getting ready and arguing with Kylee about wearing pants.  No I’m not pregnant. (Face in palm, shaking my head)I strongly believe her outbursts are having a physical affect on me.  No I’m not pregnant. (I didn’t blog about this but on Monday night let’s just say her lack of enthusiasm to listen to me resulted in her passing out from crying at 7:45pm.) Of course the sound of dry heaving isn’t easy to conceal so Kylee witnessed this happening. Here is what I predict will happen next. Kylee will tell her daddy that mommy was throwing up this morning. Daddy will think I’m pregnant. I will receive a text inquiring about my due date. I will respond that I’m not pregnant, rather just suffering from the affects of a strong willed, too smart for her own good, always has an opinion 6 year old. I won’t be believed and it will take 9 months for the rumor to die.

How is your week so far?