Monday, January 28, 2013

The Tooth Fairy, Frankenweenie and sprained ankles.

Hey yall! Remember last week when I said I would have some good mothering type stuff to write about. Well I do. This weekend consisted of losing teeth, sprained ankles and Frankenweenie. Here’s the recap.

Kylee’s tooth has been lose for a long time now. I can do poop, boogers, even throw up. (Within moderation) I can’t do teeth. Just the idea of a wiggly tooth sends my stomach to a bad place. Unfortunately Kylee knew this and insisted on showing me her tooth every 7 seconds and then trying to trick me into touching it. She’s wicked. 

So Friday evening she was munching on some crackers and it just fell out. I almost heard a choir of angels singing HALLEJULUAH, HALLEJULUAH, HALLEJULUAH HALLEJULUAH, HALLEJULUAH!!!’ It was actually me singing. We put her tooth in a little bag and sat it on the kitchen counter. Kylee was having her friend sleep over that night. The girls immediately escaped to her room and shut the door. The karaoke, singing, dancing, dressing up had commenced. Later that night Kylee and her friend wanted to look at her tooth. For the sake of hearing myself talk I told her not to take it out of the bag. And for the sake of disobeying me she did it anyway. Of course she lost her tooth, in every sense of the word. I PUT IT RIGHT HERE, she says. Panic set in when she realized that without the tooth she might not get money from the tooth fairy. She asked me if she would still get money for it. I saw this as a sign to come clean about fairies and that they only exist in Queens, NY. I decided not to based on the wildly popular opinion that I would be “robbing her of the magic.” Plus the tooth fairy had been hiding $2 in her underwear drawer for almost a month now. I wrote her The tooth fairy wrote her a note saying if she finds her tooth to leave it under her pillow and she would come back for it and left the cash. Crisis averted.

Saturday morning the kids and I met Kurt and Isaac at a fire station that was open to the public for demonstrations, tours and other fun stuff. The kids got to sit in the fire truck, and “alien pants” (ambulance) and even use a fire extinguisher. They had a good time but the park across the street captured more of their attention. When can we go to the park? Hey are we going to that park? Is it time to go to the park yet?

So we went to the park…

Five minutes of being there Logan got hurt. Going down the slide there was no friction between his shoe and the side of the slide causing him to twist his little foot backwards. From the sound of his screaming you would have thought there had been an amputation preformed by a clown with a dull knife. He was completely out of commission the remainder of the weekend. He wouldn’t walk or stand on it without someone helping him. What does a paralyzed little 3 year old do? He milks it bone dry. Mommy, I need this… Mommy I need that. Hey mommy…. Hey mommy… Help me mommy. Carry me mommy, ouch that hurt me mommy! Don’t drive too fast mommy, that bump hurt me mommy!  We spent all weekend with Kurt and Isaac so luckily I was able to tag team it with him. Kurt took Kylee and Isaac to an abandoned parking lot (Isaac calls it a “bandit lot” – SO CUTE) to ride their skateboard and scooters while Logan and I watched Frankenweenie over, and over, and over. I lost track around the 4th time.  Later that night as we all hung out just coloring and making forts; it dawned on me that this would be our new normal. And I love it. 

Sunday we went to church, had lunch then went to the “bandit lot” one more time to let the kids play. Of course my crippled, blonde haired monkey and I sat on the steps and watched. Later that night Logan told me his foot hurt and Frankenweenie would make it better… so we watched it… AGAIN. 

Logan still isn’t walking.

Happy Monday everyone! 

(Kurt and the kids)

(Kylee using a fire extinguisher)

(Inside the fire truck - 2 out of 3 ain't bad. This was prior to his ankle incident but pretty much how he looked the rest of the weekend)

(Kylee and Logan)

(Isaac, Kylee and Logan)


(Kurt and Logan playing a game together)