Thursday, February 14, 2013

10 ways to show your kids you love them.....

Okay I promise I’m not going to turn this post into my personal opinions about Valentine’s Day; Although I do have a few. And for those who know me, sharing my opinion is one of my favorite things to do in addition to mixing nutella with peanut butter on a Nilla Wafer. But in addition to the obvious reasons I can’t stand this April Fool’s Day for love birds is all the ridiculous stories that clutter my Yahoo home page. Top 10 romantic places to kiss. 10 Ways to show your spouse you love them on Valentine’s Day. I mean really people? How “romantic” is it that there is a designated day in which men are basically FORCED to shower their girlfriends with gifts, stuffed animals and overpriced cards and flowers?

But I came across an article today that goes hand in hand with the love theme. It was 10 ways to show kids your love them. Thank goodness! If it weren’t for Yahoo I might not know how to show my kids I love them.  Insert Sarcasm Here ___________

1.       Snuggle – Uhhh, does allowing them to creep into my bed in the middle of the night and plow their limbs into my bones count as “snuggling”?
2.       Drop Everything – Sure! Who wants to eat dinner anyways or wear clean clothes this week? Consider my spatula and laundry basket “dropped.”
3.       Talk – I’m guessing “Let’s start on your homework” or “Don’t forget to pack your lunch” or “Please put your toys away” doesn’t count as “talking.”
4.       Listen – say what?
5.       Sing – I do sing! “Clean up Clean up, err-body, err-where, Clean up Clean up, err-body do your share” They prefer Gangnam Style…
6.       Smile – If THEY would listen, I would smile more
7.       Say I Love You – Well duh Yahoo come on!
8.       Have a Dance Party – I don’t see how bouncing my rump around the living room correlates into my love for them but any excuse to move this thang!! Every time I do dance Kylee tells me it’s embarrassing to watch. Rude.
9.       Butterfly Kisses – Reeeally reaching at the bottom of the barrel huh Yahoo?
10.   Get down on their level – like physically or mentally? Be specific because by 9pm I am at a 2 year olds level mentally, and an 89 year olds level physically.

Happy designated day for your spouse to show you attention but don’t get used to it because tomorrow its back to normal Day!