Monday, February 18, 2013

Operation One Knee: Success

I am so high on happiness right now I can’t even function properly. I’m reaching dangerous levels of bliss. I might need to have this smile surgically removed from my face. Most of my readers already heard the news or were actually there, but…drum roll…….Kurt and I are officially engaged!!!! I could tell this story over and over. In fact, if I could somehow make money at telling this story over and over I would give my notice, like yesterday!

Yesterday, February 17 was our one year anniversary. He told me he had a great present for me and he has never disappointed me before. Naturally I was curious, anxious and totally amped to see what he had come up with.

On Sunday morning we were headed to church with plans to go to lunch after. We arrive and begin our social two-step dance of small talk with good friends. We take our seats and continue the mingling until the worship began. Kurt was in and out of the sanctuary a few times. I honestly thought he drank too much coffee. Little did I know he was executing what he called: Operation One Knee. 

He had been planning this for over a week with the help of the pastor, my boss and the sealed lips of my dearest friends and family.

Before the pastor was dismissing us he said he had one more announcement and asked us to look at the screen. That’s when this video was shown:

And here is my reaction to that video…

And so our love story begins. I can’t even pretend to have actual words to express how genuine love feels and the affects it has on us. To have it to give someone, and to receive it equally in return is so unexplainable. There are no words; None that would give you the slightest impression of what I’m rambling on and on about.

Kurt is my one, that God had set apart for me to fulfill His will for my life. Our marriage will glorify God and will be a constant reminder of His endless grace, forgiveness and ability to redeem anything WE mess up.

I have more to say about this but I don’t want my vows published before they are spoken to Kurt for the first time at the altar on June 22, 2013.

Please check back soon because from now until June we will be planning our wedding and preparing to merge my little family of 3 with his little family of 2 and become a semi-big family of 5. There will be moving, merging, adjusting, transitioning, and lots of prayer. I will somehow find a funny spin on all of this.

Thank you for reading and sharing such a special memory with us.