Thursday, March 14, 2013


Since a picture is worth 1,000 words I thought I would give my lovely readers less to read and more to look at in this entry... Here's whats been going on in my life....

It's spring break!! That means nothing to me because I still have to work but to Kylee it means NO UNIFORMS FOR A WEEK!!!! She stroke a pose in excitment that looked like this:

We scheduled a lunch date so my folks could meet Kurt's folks. I was all sorts of nervous about it. On the drive to his parent's house Kylee accidentally got her finger rolled up in the window.

It looked like this:

I did this:


Isaac and Logan did this:

All of this happened in the car with only a cup of water and an old Subway napkin to use as medical aid. 

Kurt was the one who rolled her finger in the window 
Side bar: I feel compelled to disclose to certain readers that it WAS an accident. We were rolling all the windows up and Kylee was playing chicken with the window and lost

So I anticipated a confrontation with the X-man to look like this:


With my reaction to follow looking like this:

(Hold up honey child- ain't nobody got time fur dat)

The lunch was successful, minus the finger injury. 

The X-man was/is keeping Kylee all week for spring break with many excursions to Six Flags, the movies and dinner. My reaction to how he can afford such things looks like this:

And when Kylee tells me how her daddy takes her to more places than I do, and buys her more than I do, or she wishes I would do those things too I'm all like this:

My reaction when I hear there is yet another girlfriend he has introduced the kids to looks like this:

My reaction when they break up looks like this:

Last week was the time change. Every 6 months I ask the same question... Do we lose and hour or gain an hour? Well we recently lost an hour and getting up in the morning was harder than usual and I looked like this:

This week while Kylee is with her dad, Logan and I have been hanging out and doing boy things. Playing Ninja Turtles, pretend fighting (except he really hits me hard), tickling and just enjoying the one on one. My reaction is this:

Kylee is my super picky eater so without her home this week, dinner time has NOT looked like it usually does, which is like this:

Earlier last week when I was changing the water in Kylee's fish tank I accidentally dropped the fish in the sink but had a quick recovery. I was all like:

Golfey was all like this:

Then we did this:

I recently had the most important, serious and long overdue "come to Jesus" talk with my dad. No details in this blog but my reaction to that looked like this:

Then it took a left turn and looked more like this:

and this

Then I was all like this:

Kurt was all like this:

Then we were all like this: 
 (Side bar: We are so much hotter than this, but isn't this cute?)
I LOVE HIM!! (Kurt, not the old dude in this picture)

Kurt and I are still in our pre-marriage classes, learning a bunch about how men and women are different. Shocking I know. But learning these things look a lot like this:

Speaking of marriage, there is still a lot of wedding planning to do and I probably look a lot like this: 

and this:

I went to get my final measurements for my dress and the lady was so rude. She looked like the unhappy troll you read about in kid stories. She asked me to strip down to my panties and bra. (They did NOT ask me to do this the first time. I was not prepared) I'm sure to her, I looked like this:

Behind my back I'm sure her reaction looked like this:

I bet my mom's reaction to this post will look like this: