Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hiya there friends, pals and strangers! I hope you had a great Easter weekend. I bet you’re just dying to know what I did this past weekend. I am so relevant aren’t I? Do you find yourself wondering what kind of shenanigans I am getting into? It’s a common problem guys and there’s really no cure for it except reading my blog. So without further delay, here’s a short recap. 

We used the long weekend to go to East Texas and visit some of Kurt’s family. East Texas is like another world. All they have there are Junction roads, Farm Market roads and humidity. It was fun. While we were there Kurt and I took our Concealed Handgun Class and we both….. PASSED!! Whoop whoop! No one is keeping score but for blog’s sake I feel compelled to document that I scored a 230 out of 250 on the shooting part while Kurt shot a 225. In his defense he was… well I’m pretty good so let’s just leave it at I SHOT BETTER THAN HIM! I predict this will be mentioned in random conversations for the next few decades or so. He’s so awesome and proud of his girl that he was the first one to brag on me to everyone we talked to. I love how he cheers me on and supports me even when I beat him. But honestly, he’s a trained marine and probably could have out-shot me blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back if he wanted to. Truth. Either way, we are both now legally licensed to pack some heat! 

Random fact: If you are behind on your child support payments you can’t get your CHL. Imagine the peace on earth if they wouldn’t let you renew your driver’s license, or go to the movies, amusement parks, gyms, restaurants, or public restrooms if you were behind… Moment of silence for my awesome idea….

Kurt’s cousin and I got to chat, mommy style this weekend. I realized that my long lost soul mate lives in Longview TX and either she and I need to have regular Skype dates or Kurt and I need to relocate to East Texas so she can amuse me on a regular basis. She’s a happily married mom of two young kiddos and her sense of humor about the BLAH side of being a mom is too honest not to laugh. She has a 3 year old son who refuses to eat anything but salad (WHA?!) and a 2 year old who will only eat carbs and sugar. I never thought I would hear a mom say, “I wish my kid would just put the friggin nugget in his mouth and shut up! Ain’t nobody got time to make a salad! Eat the dang happy meal” Her son can’t fall asleep before 11pm. (side note: that’s HOURS past my bedtime  I would never survive) Her daughter refuses to be alone for any given amount of time. You can imagine if she wrote a blog… Let’s just say she would probably take all my readers away from me. She’s awesome and I hope to use her life as future blog material. 

When we got back, I mistakenly offered to do the X-man a favor and pick the kids up for him since he currently has no transportation. (Winning) He eagerly accepted this act of kindness. But true to form he immediately put me in my place by explaining there are “boundaries I need to respect” and that I am not welcome to walk into the house without being expressly invited, by him. Surely he meant to say THANK YOU right? Surely. I won’t be holding my breath for that expression of gratitude but I will take this as another learning experience. Don’t help those who won’t help themselves. 

A super good friend gave me some solid advice. Let it be. Not The Beatles song either. But really, just let it be. He is who he is. He does what he does. He says what he says. His choices will be his future, not mine, not ours. I can actually choose not to let it affect me. How did I not see that option before? So I’m letting it be. 

Until he pisses me off again and surely I blog about it here.  I reserve the right to do that!