Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's day

Yesterday was Mother’s day. It’s such a special day because the world is obligated to recognize your efforts, sacrifices, and stresses. It goes without saying that recognition is not to be expected on a daily basis. If the dishes get done, laundry ends up in drawers, food is cooked, folders are signed, project supplies are bought; generally these things are not noticed by anyone in the household. We look forward to Mother’s day probably more than Valentine’s day. Or at least I know I do. So with that being said, I hope everyone received the recognition they deserve everyday because being a mom is some tricky stuff. It’s not easy, it’s not always fun, it’s an uphill battle, and it’s not often someone says, “thank you for all you do” or “thank you for wiping me” or “thank you for remembering everything I forgot” or just “thank you!” To all the mommy readers, THANK YOU for sacrificing your sanity, your privacy in the bathroom, your shoulder muscles, your manis and pedis, your free time, your down time and your in between time to raise your children. You simply rock! 

Kylee is learning to read and write. She speaks faster than her brain can keep up. She has so many thoughts and ideas running around in her brain that she often tries to make books out of them. She can’t fully read and write on her own yet so there’s a lot of “moooom how do you spell _____?” So with the help of her daddy and her mimi, she made me a book for mother’s day. I’m not sure how long a dead lady bug will last taped to a decaying leaf, but I have every intention of finding out. 

Here is Kylee’s book:
A Story About Kaitlin:
By: Kylee & Logan & Daddy & Mimi

This is a Lady bug on a leaf

There once was a ladybug named Kaitlin, she was walking on the concrete at Mimi’s house when Kylee picked her up and taped her to a journal.

Kaitlin was a fast ladybug. She was almost too fast. But luckily Kylee was blessed with her athleticism and speed and was not too fast for Kylee to catch.

Kaitlin’s mommy was sad when Kaitlin didn’t come home that night. She looked at the school but Kaitlin wasn’t there. She looked at the park but she wasn’t there either. She called all her friends but Kaitlin could not be found.

Kaitlin was a crazy bug. She flew into walls and windows. She was like a Jakob bug. Kaitlin and Kylee were best friends.

The End

Editor’s note: In an adult’s mind this is a scary story about the abduction and murder of an innocent lady bug taking a walk at the wrong place and the wrong time. But in the mind of a creative 6 year old this is a compelling story about her best friend. Kaitlin. The dead Ladybug. That she killed. By taping it to a leaf. Jakob is her uncle, not to be confused with the June bug she purposely stepped on last week. Equally disturbing, I admit. We in no way condone the abduction, murder or torture of ladybugs or any other bugs besides spiders. And roaches. And centipedes. And June bugs, actually. But we love rolly pollys. And kittens. Please don’t call PETA!

Happy Mother’s day! Next year I’m asking for perfume.