Friday, May 3, 2013

The wedding planning side tracked me from the other post I was writing about.... So here's this one instead.

It’s been about a week since my last entry. I started this other entry about something completely different but I haven’t finished it yet. I got side tracked with wedding stuff. Lately that’s all I am distracted with. I get started on one thing completely un-related to holy matrimony and out of nowhere BAM! Did you order this yet? Did that arrive yet? Have you reserved those yet? No, No, No… better do that! Drop everything and do it now! 

Did you know that life doesn’t stop, yield or even give a crap if you’re trying to organize and plan a function for 170 people? Life just keeps on doing what life does. What does that even mean?
Kylee’s softball season is winding down with only a couple games left. I’m semi-thrilled about this because it means no more rushing to practice right after work and quick, completely non-nutritious meals on the fly twice a week. This was her first season and I am so excited about her natural ability to catch, throw and use a bat. Skill sets I lack in the greatest capacity. Thank goodness Kurt has a green thumb for sports and can practice with her. Green thumb for sports? Wha? That makes sense, I’m leaving it in. 

Logan was the unlucky recipient of strep throat recently. Compliments of his big sister. Note to self: Next time one of the kids has a contagious virus, don’t tell them they can’t kiss or share drinks. Telling them not to do something only increases their desire to defy me by smooching each other non-stop and sharing everything. After a week of antibiotics the sharing and kissing will cease and squabbles will commence as usual. 

Something about having a sick kids causes laundry to multiple like New York City sewer rats. And you can’t really catch up. We keep wearing clothes everyday (it’s a law). But if you aren’t washing, drying, folding or putting away the same amount that you’re wearing, there will always be a laundry deficit. 

I had to take my wedding dress in for alterations. Apparently ordering a dress to your specific measurements doesn’t guarantee that you won’t need to snip and tuck a few areas here and there. Silly me for thinking the term “tailor made” meant specifically to my measurements when it clearly meant, kinda fits your shape.
My dieting and shrinking bridesmaids have not bought their dresses yet and the groomsmen have not rented their suits. Our bridal party is gonna show up in blue jean overalls and squirts. 

Planning a wedding makes me overly sensitive to everything. I’m on the edge of an emotional cliff and the weirdest things send me over. (like bridal parties not ordering their crap!) Poor Kurt doesn’t know if I’m coming or going. He just knows to clear the path for me and to be there waiting after my episodes to hold me and say It’s okay babe, you’re doing great!  

We have 50 days (and counting) until we are married. Merging two lives, two homes, two schedules, two incomes, two bank accounts, two insurance policies and three kids has its obstacles. There are phone calls to be made, faxes to be sent, deposits to be paid and documents to be signed. It’s a lot of work. I almost don’t know what I will do with myself after June 22. Enjoy my husband and our kids probably with a big glass of wine.
I kinda understand the idea of eloping now.