Thursday, June 20, 2013

The F word... FLUSHING!

Kids are born with this innate desire to push buttons and flip switches. It doesn’t matter the outcome of the button or the switch, they wanna push, pull and flip them; especially when they aren’t supposed to. Elevators, fire alarms, public light switches. It never ends. 

Except….The toilet. Correction, the toilet at home. In the disgusting, pee splattered public restrooms they freak out if I raise my leg to flush with my foot because they wanna do it!!! ICK

There’s no logical reason why I have to continuously remind my kids to flush the dang toilet. Are they saving it for something? Are they preparing a poop stew?  I don’t like being greeted by a commode full of 3 hour old urine and soggy toilet paper. Ohh-em-gee! It creates an aroma that the Glade plug-ins just can’t contend with. 

During the potty training phase I focused most of my attention on the solids and liquids making it into the bowl that I must have neglected the value of the final step. Flushing!

That’s all for now. Short and sweet. Actually not sweet at all, just gross. Am I the only one with this problem? say I'm not...