Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Everyone asks, “So how’s everything going? How’s married life? How are the kids doing with the transition?” Instead of responding to you individually, here are the answers to your questions. It’s going good. Married life is amazing! The kids are transitioning pretty well. 

Now here are some details behind those broad answers to your questions. 

The kids get along just like friends, except for when they don’t. It’s truly a 50/50 thing. Either Kylee and Isaac are buddies, playing catch, hide and go seek, conspiring to leave Logan out (insert protective mommy here) or it’s the exact opposite and they are competing in ev-er-y-th-ing! Who can draw the best picture, who can spell better, who can watch TV the best.  I kid you not, they will compete in just about anything EXCEPT who can pick up their crap the best, who can eat all of their dinner without complaining the best, and who can go to bed without asking for 10 more minutes the best. 

We have Isaac this month and his energy level can only be compared to a puppy who drank a red bull and mountain dew slushie. If you threw one of those rubber bouncy balls into a room and closed the door, Isaac is the ball. He is used to his dad on the weekends with endless fun and a bedtime being whenever he crashed and showering was optional.  He is adjusting to having a routine, a schedule and structure. Since the kids have to wake up during the week and go to daycare, they have a bedtime. Showers are required, there’s less time during the week for playing outside then there is on a typical weekend. It’s definitely an adjustment to what he is used to when he is with his dad.

We are still having nightly food fights with Kylee. Her stubbornness will either be the trait to her success in life, or the wall that keeps her from it. Sparing you details, she goes to bed hungry, a lot. And I stress out a lot.

Logan is the youngest and just wants a role in Kylee and Isaac’s shenanigans.   

Kurt and I have the same parenting style and goals for the kids. We are learning to leave his and hers out of our vocabulary. It’s never “her” kids, it’s “our” kids.  Truth be told, we have no idea what we are doing. Like at all. All we really know is we love each other, we love our kids, and we treasure our family. Neither of us could tell you how tomorrow is going to go or the solution to next week’s stuff. But one thing that never changes, is we get to lay down together every night and we love each other more than the night before. That’s enough. So, how’s married life going? Its going, and going and going.

And we love it.