Friday, September 20, 2013

I got "friends" in low places....

I have started this blog about 7 separate times and closed without saving 7 times.  I couldn’t process in my mind what was happening inside my heart. Let alone generate words to actually describe the unprocessed junk in my brain. I’m still working it out.  

Life is a difficult thing to maintain balance in, that’s for sure. It seems if I have one or two areas of my life completely  stacked up and in order, there is another area of my life crumbling apart or teetering back and forth. 

Between friends, family, work, kids, coaches, team moms, group leaders, teachers, appointments, practices, and the dog… Someone is bound to be offended, forgotten, neglected or disappointed. Often times it’s the dog. Sorry Ella! 

I recently had a fall out with a couple friends. And by fall I mean pushed. And by friends I mean frauds. I want to be very careful and selective with my words here. This could easily become a Mean Girls Bashing Blog unfiltered and consumed with emotional rage and brokenness, blog. Hence why I have deleted it multiple times. Ahh, I digress… 

I can’t even get into the details that lead to the demise of a friendship. The particulars are beyond silly and childish so I won’t waste your time. Assigning blame would make me feel so much better. To dish it all out here on my blog would bring me immense pleasure and satisfaction. But my motivations would be of my flesh. And the outcome of flesh driven vindication is destruction. Destruction of character, morals, values, and you. 

Every situation, especially the sucky ones can play a big part in our growth as Christians. And there is always room to grow and learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others close to us. I’m still evaluating everything that happened and played a part in the downfall of what I considered a sisterhood. Here is what I’ve learned so far and I’m excited to learn more.

-          -Being hurt by others doesn’t give us the right to hurt them back
-          -There is freedom in forgiving those who didn’t request it
-         - I’m not defined by the opinions of others. I’m defined by God
-          -Texting is stupid
-          -I have a lot of loyal people in my life. They came out of the wood works on Wednesday and completely overshadowed the two who sought to hurt me.
-          -My husband is the best hugger and tear-wiper-away-er that ever lived. And he smells so good!
-          -You should maintain high standards for those you call friends.
-        -  If they talk about others to you, they are talking about you to others. That’s a fact, Jack.
-         - In a big group of friends, there might be 1 or 2 REAL ones, the rest are just for show.
-          -If they like, comment or post on your Facebook more than they actually call you, it’s not real.
-          -If you feel the need to impress your friends, they aren’t your friends.
 -Some things can be cured with an ice cream snickers and a bottle of wine. Compliments of the best husband in the universe!!!
-          -If they build you up to knock you down, wait until they leave to get up, then walk away. For good.
-         - My sister is more solid that an Igneous rock. I dare you to hurt me when she’s around.
-          -When someone drives to your office just to hug you on a bad day, well that’s what a real friend looks like.
-        -  There is no essential oil to relieve a broken heart. Just Jesus.
-          -Proverbs don’t lie! Proverbs 27:17 - As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
-        -  Make sure you always partner with God in your battles. Because Satan is always looking for new members to his team. He recruits us when others offend us.
-        -  Don’t ever put your Christianity on the shelf for the temporary pleasure of defending yourself.
-        -  Your kids are watching how you respond to every situation. Be someone you would want your children to grow up like.
-          -Let it go.
-          -God, Family, Friends. In that order, always. 

Have a great weekend everyone!