Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I spy with my tiny little eye....

I hate little kid games. You do too. Let’s just all be honest about that one. I used to love little kid games, when I was a little kid. But now, running in circles, carefully selecting whose head to touch, hiding in a closet waiting to be ‘seeked’ and spying things with our tiny little eyes. Nah I’m good. Really, I am. 

Unfortunately the kids love the kid games and alas, I must participate or risk wearing the worst mother of the year t-shirt. It’s still at the cleaners from last year. 

This morning on the shuttle to daycare Logan cordially invites me to play I spy. Something about the sound of the last child I will ever have’s voice makes me very agreeable to pretty much every request he makes. Can we snuggle? Yes. Can we play? Yes. Can I have sugar in the raw? Yes. Can we live together forever? YES. (Calm down Kurt, not literally forever. But close) Ahem, anyway…
Playing I spy in the car is not safe. Looking for colors instead of construction ahead signs? Not good. But we do it anyway. So here is my convo this morning with lil dude.

Logan: I spy with my tiny little eye… mom my eyes aren’t tiny because I’m four now right?
Me: Right.
Logan: I spy with my….tiny little EYE something orange.
Me: The air freshener?
Logan: What’s an air freshener?
Me: This right here (I’m pointing to the air freshener)
Logan: Oh ya!
Me: Was that it?
Logan: Ya! I spy with my eye more stuff.
Me: More stuff?
Logan: Yeah, cause my eyes sees lots of stuffs. BLUE!
Me: The car in front of us?
Logan: Where?
Me: In. front. Of.us…. (not a proud mommy moment)
Logan: Oh yeah!!
Me: Logan what did you spy that was blue?
Logan: I didn’t.
Me: You said you spied with your eye something blue and I guessed the car.
Logan: Now I spy something golden.
Side note: nothing inside of my car is golden
Me: Um…..  I don’t know…
Logan: Me either. I don’t want to play anymore.

Then I spied with my tiny little eye, THE DAYCARE!

I win.