Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Logic of Children: I'll never get it

I could easily make this the longest post eva. But I'm almost off work so I will make it short, sweet and silly.

I don't understand children's logic. Period. I just don't.

So this morning, just like every morning I ask Logan what he wants to eat for breakfast. Since he usually eats it in the car his options are limited to a breakfast bar, Go-gurt, pop-tart, etc. He says he wants string cheese. Uh... Really? I'm not one to argue or debate with his weird choices. Especially in the AM when being late is a daily possibility. I shrug it off and grab him a cheese. I am immediately greeted with resistance. Ahh the joys of children.

Logan: Not that kind! The Spiderman kind!!!
Me: (Inner voice)The Spiderman kind? WTH is he talking about?

I search the fridge and have no idea what he's talking about so I tell him to stick that cheese in his mouth and lets hit the road.

More resistance.

Logan: NOOOOO! I gots the Spiderman cheese at the store with you. 
Me: (Inner voice) When did I take you to the store?
Logan: Member? Da stoooore!? I want the Spiderman cheeses!
Me: Show me....

He digs into the bottom drawer. Low and behold, a string cheese with different super heroes on the wrappers.  Ahhhh great! Grab one and lets go!

He has this cheese unwrapped by the time I can lock the door. I get him into his seat and strapped in. Before I can even get the car turned on I hear from the back seat:

Here ya go mom!

He hands me the wrapper.

Me: What do you want me to do with this? 
Logan: (Very matter of fact) Throw it away.